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Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.

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What Does Kentico’s Partnership with Ucommerce Mean?

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You may or may not have heard, but Kentico is joining forces with Ucommerce to provide you with stronger, enterprise-level e-commerce capabilities. But let’s not jump to conclusions just yet—what exactly does this partnership mean for you?

Create and optimize your checkout process with ease

Petr Vozak    —       —    Featured Article
In Kentico 8 you can look forward to a brand new customization model of the checkout process that greatly simplifies its customization, e.g. creating a one-step checkout process. Furthermore, you will obtain sophisticated marketing tools for its optimization.

Product variants are coming

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In Kentico 8 the store manager will be able to manage product variants (e.g. red T-shirt in medium size, green T-shirt in large size) as separate products with their own price, SKU number and inventory fields.

Let's make e-commerce integrations easier

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Have you integrated the Kentico E-commerce Solution with an external system like an ERP, CRM, or other? And did you face any obstacles or reach any limits in the process? ... Tell us about it! We want to improve our integration tools to fit your actual needs, making you more productive.

Check Out Our Demo Store!

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I am happy to announce that we have just launched our demo store. I believe it will help all newcomers familiarize themselves with the possibilities of the Kentico E-commerce Solution.

Kentico UserVoice Update

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Kentico UserVoice is one of the ways you can give us your suggestions for what you think should be improved in our product or services. We are currently working on a UserVoice update and would welcome your feedback to ensure that you (our customers) will really benefit from the planned changes.

E-commerce Customization

Petr Vozak    —       —    Video Article

Petr Vozak (a Technical Leader responsible for the E-commerce module) is talking about E-commerce customization in Kentico CMS:

  • description of the customization model,
  • customization examples (most of them are focused on the shopping cart calculations

E-commerce 6: New Customization Model + Upgrade Instructions

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
Version 6 comes with brand new customization model which brings you more flexibility and easier customization. If you are one of those who did some customization to E-commerce in previous versions, you should definitely read this post. Also, you will be given instructions on how to upgrade all your e-commerce customizations to make them work in version 6.

API examples in Kentico CMS 6.0

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If you are a Kentico CMS developer and not sure about your Kentico CMS API knowledge, there will be something new in version 6.0 you might be interested in - Kentico CMS API examples.

Kentico CMS 5.0 - UI Personalization

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
Thom has already demonstrated the basic functionality and showed you how the personalized UI can look like, see his blog posts here and here. As for UI personalization, I will focus on differences between the version 4.1 and 5.0. I also feel responsibility to tell you what happen with some of the UI-related module permissions after you import your site package from older version to version 5.0 or after you upgrade your version 4.1 to 5.0.

ICQ gateway in Kentico CMS

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First I will describe you the process of creating custom notification gateway, then I will follow this process to create ICQ notification gateway. Finally, I will mention workaround for sending timed notifications.

7 - Retrieving documents from Kentico CMS

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I'm sure that most of you are interested in the way of retrieving documents from Kentico CMS database in your Silverlight applications. Why didn't I show you that in the example?  The answer is bellow...

8 - Summary

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
Let's make a summary of all described communication methods.

6 - Data communication - HTTP-Based Services

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
HTTP-based services do not require to create a proxy class. You can access them directly using HTTP requests. Silverlight provides two methods for sending HTTP requests: WebClient and HttpWebRequest.

4 - Data communication - Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

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WCF "web services" are part of a much broader spectrum of remote communication enabled through WCF. You will get a much higher degree of flexibility doing things in WCF. ASMX is older than WCF, and anything ASMX can do so can WCF (and more).

2 - Demo application

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
For the purpose of the tutorial I have created simple Silverlight application called "SilverlightDemo" which brings you the possibility to find specified users.

1 - Synchronization and cross-domain access

Petr Vozak    —       —    Article
You will be disappointed if you think about the direct access to the database - you can't communicate with database directly from Silverlight. Moreover, objects like DataSet, DataTable and others are unknown for it. The only way is to use specialized services and requests which enable you to get the data from database. No matter which one of the method you choose, be aware of two important facts - synchronization and cross-domain access.

Welcome to my blog

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Hi! This time, I will tell you something about my work in Kentico and for those of you who are curious about our new version of the Kentico CMS I will describe some features which will be included in it.

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