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New Content modeling guide is here to help

Lukáš Bajer    —       —    Featured Article

Every excellent website experience starts with great content. And every successful website project has, at its roots, a team of happy content editors. Editors who're rather battling for their visitors' attention instead of struggling with managing, editing, or updating their content. Now, how can developers help them succeed?

Get Started with the Kentico Xperience 13 Baseline Site

Trevor Fayas    —       —    Featured Article

Kentico Xperience provides the tools and APIs to build a great websites, and has the Dancing Goat site to explore ways of doing things, however if you're looking for a starting point that has all the basic features you need to get your project started, then the Baseline is a great choice to get going on your next project.

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How to Create a Speedy Site Search Worth Celebrating With Algolia

Eric Dugre    —       —    Article

As an Xperience user, you may already be familiar with our Smart Search and Azure Search options, but perhaps you’re looking for something different. We’re happy to announce that we’re expanding our robust search functionality by adding Algolia to the family! This sleek search service has been climbing the ranks as one of the top search APIs in the world, and you can now easily create and configure Algolia search indexes in your Xperience websites!

Introduction to Xperience MVC/Core Architectural Best Practices for Larger Scale Solutions

Jamie Leask    —       —    Article

This article will introduce best practices for larger scale Xperience projects, both in MVC 5 and .NET Core. It will touch on different solution architectural setups from a high-level perspective and explain some advantages and disadvantages to each one. It will demonstrate proper separation of concerns for these architectures and give a glimpse into the benefit of using patterns. It will show high-level proofs of concepts to demonstrate how this can be achieved with Xperience, rather than going into detailed examples. When you would like to build upon these sample pieces, we have some fantastic training modules dedicated to this, which goes into full step-by-step implementation. There is also a fully built-out solution, the Medio Clinic site, which we would recommend as the next step The Kentico Xperience 13 training website.

Automate your Jira processes with the power of Xperience and Zapier

Eric Dugre    —       —    Article

Thanks to the extensibility of Xperience, integrations with third-party services like Jira are just a couple lines of code away. However, if you’re looking for a ready-to-go, no-code solution to integrate Jira with your website, we’ve got you covered! Our native Zapier application, and a new set of Xperience tools, will help you manage Jira issues in a pinch- no coding required!

Compare Two Ways of Creating MVC Widgets

Rui Wang    —       —    Featured Article

Kentico Xperience’s MVC support has come a long way since the old days. With the MVC widgets, content editors can have more fun assemble a page using components. As a solution architect, I get asked a lot about how to make decisions on creating widgets. In this article, I’m going to compare two ways of creating MVC widgets to get the same output. The results may be the same, but the decision makings are different.

Ask the experts #8

David Slavik    —       —    Article

Do you have a tough Kentico Xperience question or challenge? Are you looking to extend the platform and need guidance on the best way to implement it? The Ask the Experts webinar is the event for you! This interactive webinar consists of a panel of Kentico experts ready to tackle your toughest challenges. Covering all areas of the product, our experts will take your questions and provide guidance and solutions. 

Developer e-learning course released in full

Jan Lenoch    —       —    Featured Article

Last month, we released the third and most important module of the Kentico Xperience 13 for developers course—the Builders module. This completes the journey to a comprehensive developer e-learning course that prepares your team for Xperience development.

We took the job of preparing the course seriously—no stone was left unturned. But we're sure it was worth the wait.

Let's quickly summarize what you'll encounter when taking the course.