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Virtual Widget for Kentico MVC

Rui Wang    —       —    Featured Article

As developers convert websites from Portal Engine to MVC, Many have said there should be a way to allow front end developers to create virtual widgets in MVC, similar to Portal. That way, front end developers can work more independently, instead of relying on backend developers to build MVC widgets and push code changes. With that thought in mind, here is the working concept for allowing front end developers to build virtual widgets without backend code changes.

Taking Your Xperience to Stack Overflow

Ryan Overton    —       —    Featured Article

We've all done it, at one point or another, throughout our career. Ok, so I can't speak for everyone, but most of the developers I know have done it and that's use Google to search for an answer to a problem.  But where did you really find your answer, Google, or was it another platform? Most likely you found it, like me, on the largest online community for developers, Stack Overflow. 

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Kentico 12 MVC Page Preview 404 Errors: Troubleshooting tips

Jamie Leask    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

When building your MVC site with Kentico, it’s possible you may run into page preview 404 or ” VirtualContextHashOrUserValidationFailed ” errors, with the latter message being somewhat misleading as to the cause of the error. Since there are more than a few things to check, this article will equip you with troubleshooting tools preparing you for battle with the page preview errors.

Creating Reports For Discounts

Matthew Sandstrom    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

If you’re running an E-Commerce store in Kentico, there’s a good chance you’ve used discount functionality. Seeing data about the various discounts you’ve applied can be difficult as this information is stored as XML markup in the database table for orders. In its raw form, data about discounts is stored on an order-by-order basis, and not in a very visually pleasant form. This article will go over the process of creating a report to display aggregated data about discounts.

Customizing user registration in MVC

Eric Dugre    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

By default, there are some restrictions on user names when registering in an MVC project. If you want to customize user name and password formats, a small code change is necessary.

Testing Locally With Contact Geolocation and MaxMind

Jamie Leask    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

In this short article, I will give you a quick and easy way to test your project communication with MaxMind database locally, without the need for a publically accessible instance or proxy server of some kind which would normally be needed for accurate testing of Contact location. This test was conducted on Kentico 12 instances but should work in all supported versions. This setup will show you if MaxMind is returning data right out of the gate and will also provide you with some general setup tips for MVC and portal engine sites. 

5 steps to create a Responsive text email widget

Lukáš Bajer    —       —    Article

Email marketing is one of the best performing marketing channels with returns up to $42 from a single $1 invested. A typical Kentico developer would not open the Email marketing application on a daily basis. That's something for his marketing colleagues.

But what if he could increase their productivity and increase the results of their campaigns? Would that buy him a beer?

Lessons Learned from Developing a Simple Transactional Email

Lukáš Bajer    —       —    Article

HTML email has been a Wild West of digital marketing for such a long time that you probably agree with me that designing great emails, well, sucks. Still, we built one for our training website using Kentico EMS. What was that like and would we do it again?"

Kentico MVC and Google Analytics: Custom reports, part 2

Jan Lenoch    —       —    Featured Article

We all ask ourselves: Where are the bad hyperlinks in our website? Are there removed pages that haven't been treated with a proper 30x redirect? Are there file download links that no longer live? In this article, we'll take on the Invalid pages report in Kentico Web Analytics and create a better alternative in Google Analytics. We'll demo the steps with our standard Dancing Goat sample site that you used in the previous articles in this series.