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New Azure BLOB Storage Provider for Kentico

Ondrej Polesny    —       —    Featured Article

Azure is the best way how you can host Kentico sites. It provides you with great tools, easy deployment options, high availability and many more features. BLOB storage is then the convenient place to store all binary files. The standard provider for BLOB storage available in Kentico CMS comes with strict limitations, but that has changed now.

Hello from new Developer Evangelist

Ondrej Polesny    —       —    Featured Article

Hello! After over 3 and a half years working for Kentico among my colleagues in Customer Success team, and having helped hundreds of partners and clients, I felt there was a different way for me to help the company fulfill its purpose.

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Hosting Kentico MVC Applications in Azure

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

The rise of MVC has not been a quiet process. Over the past few years, developers have been saying...err…SCREAMING that they want to use modern, scalable frameworks for their Kentico applications. And they’re right! Modular, flexible architectures allow sites to be developed and tested much easier, by separating logical areas of the functionality. Sure, you can do that with Kentico. But what about your Azure hosting with MVC? In this article, I’ll give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Azure-hosted MVC sites.

How to handle custom 404 pages programmatically

Lukáš Gancarčík    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Kentico provides the possibility to configure the system to display custom pages instead of standard error messages. Custom pages are convenient for site visitors because they can improve the security of the site by hiding potentially sensitive internal data (such as code in stack traces).

The <customErrors> element under the <system.web> section of the web.config file handles this functionality. However, what if you need to handle custom 404 pages within the code?

Analyzing Kentico Media Files with the Azure Cognitive Vision API

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Editors have a lot to do. From crafting perfect content to managing campaigns, they are often overwhelmed with tasks needed to manage an application. With more and more regulations being adopted for usability, ensuring a site is compliant is paramount. An often-overlooked area is media descriptions. In this article, I’m going to show you how to leverage the Azure Cognitive Vision API to automate your image descriptions within Kentico.

Hosting the Kentico Cloud .NET Boilerplate on a Raspberry Pi with Docker

Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

Who doesn’t love flexibility? From programming to juggling chainsaws, the ability to adapt to any situation is always a welcome capability. With new devices and platforms being released every day, this becomes especially important to web applications. Enter .NET Core, Docker, and Kentico Cloud. Each of these are extremely capable components of a flexible architecture developers can use to build some amazing solutions. Don’t believe me? Let me show you how…

Kentico Top 10 Websites for June 2018

Jana Repáková    —       —    Article

Take a look at these projects concerning everything from healthcare industry, engineering, and construction to sport, we can see how our partners dealt with various integrations or e-commerce functionalities. Ready, set, go! Taste these fresh bites of shortlisted projects.

Kentico 9 and the Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Kentico Support Engineer    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

As with all combinations of software, sometimes updates increase or improve functionality and other times something that used to work before stops working after the update is finished. Because of an unforeseen addition to the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, typical installations of Kentico 9 have run into a breaking change. The good news is, there is an easy fix, so read on.

Troubleshooting Dashboard Issues

Michael Berry    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Dashboard errors are always a pain and are a very visible problem when they occur. Unfortunately, with great usability, comes even greater responsibility, and with an Angular.js, icon-based dashboard with pinning, dragging, and personalization capabilities, a lot can go wrong.  Luckily, Kentico Support has already seen most of these issues, and we are ready to offer some advice.