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Virtual Widget for Kentico MVC

Rui Wang    —       —    Featured Article

As developers convert websites from Portal Engine to MVC, Many have said there should be a way to allow front end developers to create virtual widgets in MVC, similar to Portal. That way, front end developers can work more independently, instead of relying on backend developers to build MVC widgets and push code changes. With that thought in mind, here is the working concept for allowing front end developers to build virtual widgets without backend code changes.

Taking Your Xperience to Stack Overflow

Ryan Overton    —       —    Featured Article

We've all done it, at one point or another, throughout our career. Ok, so I can't speak for everyone, but most of the developers I know have done it and that's use Google to search for an answer to a problem.  But where did you really find your answer, Google, or was it another platform? Most likely you found it, like me, on the largest online community for developers, Stack Overflow. 

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Generating product variants including the price adjustments of product options

Zdeněk Cetkovský    —       —    Knowledge Base Article

Currently, the product options price adjustments in Kentico Xperience E-commerce are applied to the resulting price only when used as standard options. This article will show you what customization needs to be done in order to take these adjustments into account also when generating the product variants in the administration interface.

Ask the experts #5

David Slavik    —       —    Article

Do you have a tough Kentico Xperience question or challenge? Are you looking to extend the platform and need guidance on the best way to implement it? The Ask the Experts webinar is the event for you! This interactive webinar consists of a panel of Kentico experts ready to tackle your toughest challenges. Covering all areas of the product, our experts will take your questions and provide guidance and solutions. 

Kentico Xperience Commerce: The Anonymous User vs. Authenticated User Scenario

Jake Kula    —       —    Article

Many times, the question has come up as to how the shopping cart’s behaviour is influenced by the site user; more specifically, whether the site user is authenticated, or not. This short technical article looks at three common scenarios in a typical shopping journey and will highlight the basics around how the shopping cart state is maintained.

25 Reasons to Move to Kentico Xperience MVC

Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

Even in 2021, I am still having multiple conversations with existing Kentico Xperience clients from a business, executive, and/or marketing standpoint about moving from Portal Engine to MVC. Most of my conversations revolve around people who are having difficulties to fully understand why a rebuild of a site in MVC is necessary. These conversations around the migration from Portal Engine to MVC are often times thought of as only purely technical conversation. This is actually a common response, as many of the benefits are stated in a technical way. However, I’m here to tell you that this technical only consideration should be broadened into multiple other considerations.

That motivation is why I have created this blog post series. I’d like to fully answer the question of “Why MVC?” once and for all. I figure that if I am having this conversation multiple times, there must be other people having it to with their clients. Why not answer it fully in writing and in a holistic way, that way all of us in the Kentico Xperience community are able to use it as a resource for all clients out there who have Portal Engine based Kentico Xperience sites and are considering what to do next.

The role and potential of Technical Writers in agile development

David Benovsky    —       —    Article

In this article, I'd like to share my view on the work and importance of technical writers and I'll show you what has worked for me in my existing career. Writers can potentially have a large impact in software development companies, and bring a lot more than “just” typing out documentation and tutorials. So if you are a professional working in the field, or just someone interested in the world of documentation and software development, you might find this article helpful.

Kentico Xperience sample sites and their differences

Jan Lenoch    —       —    Article

Being a Kentico Xperience developer, you certainly at least once tried to get inspiration from existing Xperience projects. Exploring an existing source code can quickly ramp-up a developer's insight into both high-level architectural patterns and individual implementation details of specific user stories. We often hear from our partners and clients that it is sometimes a bit hard to get oriented in all our sample sites and sources of code examples to pick the best practices for their own development. Let's therefore go over the sample sites and other sources one by one and compare them to see which goals they pursue, how they achieve them, and most importantly, when you should use them for inspiration.