Aaron Kent

I am a Cloud Support Specialist here at Kentico.

Ales Kalina

Hi, I'm Product Architect at Kentico.

Antonin Moravec

Hi, I'm the Project Manager at Kentico. My main interests are project management - especially the Agile one and Soft Skills. I’m looking forward to discuss a wide range of topics related to our projects.

Boris Pocatko

Senior Solution Architect for Kentico

Brenden Kehren

Brenden is a Senior Architect and Owner at Kehren Development with over 18 years of development experience with 12 of those years working strictly with the Kentico product lines. Brenden focuses his efforts on best practices, education and training and is extremely active in the Kentico Developer Community. He is also an avid hunter and when Brenden isn’t stalking the DevNet or watching hockey, he spends time camping and boating with his wife and 4 kids.

Brian McKeiver

I have over 18 years of experience in web development, mainly at BizStream. I'm passionate about software platforms and technologies that can help solve real world problems. I specialize in architecting solutions that use Kentico CMS, Kentico EMS, and ASP.NET Content Management Systems. I enjoy hanging out with my wife, chasing around my three children and vigorously rooting for the Michigan State Spartans and Detroit Lions.

Daniel Merta

Support Engineer at Kentico Software

David Komárek

Interested in feedback related to content authoring, content management, marketing campaigns, analytics, data protection, ...

Dominik Pinter

I'm a fan of cloud computing (primarily Windows Azure) and I really like to dig into web application security. My blog is focused on everything related to Kentico, .NET Framework, Cloud platforms and web application security.

Filip Ligač

Hi, I work as a Cloud Support Specialist here at Kentico. I write about Microsoft Azure and and am trying to extend knowledge about the best practices for deployment.

Ilesh Mistry

As well as performing his Kentico Technical Architect duties at MMT Digital, Ilesh is also a Kentico MVP, promoting Kentico and writing Kentico blogs for the community. He has been working with Kentico since version 3 and loves the best practices when building Kentico sites. His primarily focus is the Kentico Admin area and building high performance sites! He architects bespoke Kentico websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. See my Blog for more post -

Jakub Oczko

Jakub is a Principal Technical Leader at Kentico.

Jamie Leask

Kentico Support Engineer

Jan Hermann

I am a support engineer in Kentico and I take care of any issue you have!

Jan Lenoch

I'm a developer trainer at Kentico. I create hands-on developer trainings of ASP.NET MVC and Kentico. I listen to the voice of our customers and I improve our training courses on a continuous basis. I also give feedback to the internal teams about developers' experience with Kentico.

Jana Pelclova

Hello, I am a Customer Success Manager at Kentico and my main goal is to help you succeed with your Kentico projects.

Jaroslav Kordula

Jaroslav joined Kentico in 2006. He is a Technical Leader in a development team whose main focus is content management. This includes Documents, Custom tables, Media libraries and other related functionality.

Jeroen Fürst

Hi! I am Kentico MVP and Architect for TrueLime in the Netherlands.

Jiri Kusak

Hi, I'm a Developer at Kentico. My blog will be primary focused on the things I do here. I'm part of the Cloud team. My main interest is cloud technology, service-based applications and integrations.

Josef Dvorak

Hello, I am a Solution Architect with Kentico. My primary focus is the E-Commerce module, however it is not uncommon for me to help with other modules as well.

Juraj Komlosi

Hi, I am Security Specialist and my blog posts will be primary focused on web application security.

Juraj Ondrus

Hi, I am the Technical support leader at Kentico. I'm here to help you use Kentico and get as much as possible out of it.

Keith Hammond

Hello! I'm looking for ideas for writing articles about using Kentico.

Kevin McCaffrey

I help businesses dramatically increase sales on their Websites using web analytics and conversion rate optimisation techniques. I offer services ranging from quick response website audits up to full conversion rate optimisation partnerships through my company Conversion Rate Services.

Laura Frese

Skydiver, pilot, Kentico enthusiast, and Solution Architect at Refactored

Lenka Navratilova

I am currently on maternity leave with my little daughter, but I still have time to keep you informed about the best projects created by our clients and partners on Kentico. I previously worked as a Partner Manager taking care of our partners' needs.

Lukas Martinak

During my studies I started at Kentico as a Tester. After 2 years of testing and 5 years of leading the Quality Assurance efforts in Product Development, I moved to the new, exciting field of Customer Success. As the Customer Success Director, I manage the Customer Success department consisting of four smaller departments: Customer Success Management, Training, Consulting Services, and Technical Support. Occasionally, I help others with performance testing, analyzing memory dumps, debugging Kentico macros, etc. Besides Kentico, I love sports (ice-hockey, soccer, golf, squash, badminton, and many others).

Lukáš Gancarčík

Senior Support Specialist - Content Management

Marek Fesar

Hi, I am the Principal Technical Leader here at Kentico and I primarily focus on the design, architecture and core of our solution.

Martin Danko

Let me guide you on your journey of success. I will show you how to optimize your content production with Kentico Draft. Check out

Martin Hejtmanek

Hi, I am the CTO of Kentico and I will be constantly providing you the information about current development process and other interesting technical things you might want to know about Kentico.

Martin Makarsky

Developer Advocate @Kentico

Martin Michalik

I'm Online Marketing Product Owner and I'm writing mainly about Kentico features such as Contact management, Marketing automation, E-mail marketing, A/B testing, etc.

Matthew Sandstrom

Hello! I'm a Support Engineer here at Kentico, specializing in E-Commerce and Upgrades.

Michael Kinkaid

Michael is a Kentico MVP and the CTO at Reason One. He has been developing with Kentico for years and is especially skilled in integrations, team development, and custom implementations.

Michal Pietrik

Hi, I am the Test Automation Specialist at Kentico. My blog posts will be primary focused on test automation.

Michal Samuhel

I am solution architect at Kentico. I help with all possible and impossible issues, development, deployment and others. Kinda wild card in here. I like reading new information and sometimes I even publish a line or two.

Ondrej Polesny

Hi! I am a Developer Evangelist here at Kentico and my aim is to provide guidance and solutions for the technical community around both Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud. I can also help with drinking beer.

Ondrej Vasil

I'm a Technical Leader of the Web Development team in Kentico Software. I'm going to write articles connected with a real life development using Kentico.

Pavel Jiřík

Marketing Implementation Specialist at Kentico Software

Pavlína Mahovská

Hi, I’m the Channel Marketing Manager - currently on maternity leave. I loved to work with you. Anyway, feel free to contact my colleague, Dana Tousova, with your requests for MDF and marketing materials.

Petr Palas

I'm the founder and CEO of Kentico. I write about Kentico, WCM, CXM, digital marketing and related technologies.

Petr Svihlik

I listen to the voice of community and act in its interest.

Petr Vozak

Technology Partnership Product Owner at Kentico. He works with technology partners to enrich the Kentico product offering and bring greater value to those using our products.

Radek Pribyl

Hi, I am a technical leader of one the development teams here at Kentico. We are responsible for the portal engine and MVC support.

Richard Pendergast

Richard is the founder and editor of Kentico Developer magazine, and our first ever MVP.

Roman Hutnyk

Kentico enthusiast and MVP, Solution architect at Bits Orchestra. I'm working with Kentico since version 5.5 R2. I'm always looking for advanced solution and best practice. Feel free to contact me in case of any questions you have.

Rui Wang

Senior Solution Architect for Kentico located in US.

Ryan Overton

Hey all! I'm a developer evangelist at Kentico and I'm excited to go out in to the technical community to talk about Kentico, its' products and help developers grow. I enjoy coding LIVE, so you can catch me on Twitch at

Tadeáš Kubát

User Experience Designer at Kentico. Doing research, prototyping and usability testing, but mainly responsible for the design vision.

Tomas Nosek

Keeping all educational materials from mayhem is a serious business, and only a true legend is capable of this act of valor. And that's when I come in. Majordomo of Casa de la Educación.

Zbysek Nemec

Hi, I'm Technical Leader here in Kentico primarily responsible for cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure, Amazon, etc.) and Kentico+.

Zdenek Strach

Hi, I am technical leader of one of the development teams at Kentico. My team is responsible for e-mail engine and e-mail marketing, form engine, contact management, installation, localization and other smaller modules.

Zoltán Jalsovszky

Senior Support Engineer at Kentico Software