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Jakub is a Principal Technical Leader at Kentico.

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Do more with {LESS}

Jakub Oczko    —       —    Article
The LESS Stylesheets module released on the marketplace brings support for the LESS dynamic stylesheet language into Kentico CMS 7. Kentico CMS 8 will have general support for registering any CSS preprocessor.

Kentico CMS 7: Design preview

Jakub Oczko    —       —    Article
Defining various types of design elements is an integral part of developing websites. Version 7 makes this process easier by allowing you to look at the final results directly while working with the code, without the need to leave the editing interface or switch between browser tabs.

Kentico CMS 7: Gravatars

Jakub Oczko    —       —    Article
On community websites, users are often identified not only by their username, but also through visual representation provided by avatar images. One of the new features in Kentico CMS 7 is support for Gravatars, which allow users to share the same avatar across the Web.

Kentico CMS 7: SEO Improvements

Jakub Oczko    —       —    Article
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful website. Kentico CMS 7 contains several improvements that make it easier to perform operations that have an impact on SEO. This post provides a basic overview of the new features and settings.

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