Kentico CMS 7: Web part toolbar

One of the user experience improvements included in version 7 is a more convenient approach to designing pages using a web part toolbar.
The web part toolbar allows users to access any required web parts directly on the Design tab and add them into the target zones through drag-and-drop. The content of the toolbar can be filtered either by selecting a category or by searching for the name of a specific web part.

There is also a “trash bin” area on the toolbar where you can drop existing web parts to quickly remove them from the page.

Each user can choose where they want the toolbar to be displayed according to their preferences. There are four possible positions, including both a horizontal and vertical layout, and the toolbar can also be completely disabled. Of course, the original way of handling web parts is still fully supported.


Another thing that simplifies the design process is the possibility of adding web parts without going through the property configuration dialog. Just enable the “Skip initial configuration” setting for any web part in Site Manager and users will be able to insert instances of the given web part directly onto the page. The same option is also available for widgets.

This can be useful for web parts without any customizable properties or for pre-defined web parts that work directly with their default values and need to have them changed only in rare cases.
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Jakub Oczko

Jakub is a Chief Technology Officer at Kentico.


Vinod commented on

Super Cool!!!

Sergey commented on

@Jakub, very cool! Thanks.

Jakub Oczko commented on


This feature is planned for next release (

We want to create general support for sharing and copying web parts between pages.



Debendra Nandi commented on

This is very informative.

Debendra Nandi
mindfire Solutions

Sergey commented on

Hey, great news!
Would be great if you could also do following:
On page A you create webpart A with some configuration. When you go to page B you can grab webpart A with same configuration from that amazing toolbar and put it somewhere on the page B, so it will create webpart with same configuration. There should be a way to quickly find webpart through search input, obviously. If there are webparts with same ID they could be shown as NewsRepeater[/Home], NewsRepeater[/Public/NewsList] (base on idea that webpart ID is unique on page).

Hope that make sense. Thanks for making reviews of upcoming version. Will join @Brenden - can't wait!

Brenden commented on

Awesome improvements, can't wait!