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  • CMS scheduler issue
    Manoj Meena    —       —    Question

    We upgraded our application from 10 to 11.0.49. While deploying on prod server we also installed Kentico CMS scheduler 11 and uninstalled 10 version of scheduler.We are unable to start the schedul...

  • Kentico upgrade from 9 to 12
    narayan hs    —       —    Question

    Hi All,I am using Kentico 9 CMS and I have customized it to suit my client's needs. If I have to upgrade to Kentico 12, is there an option from Kentico CMS admin to directly upgrade it or do i have...

  • Change IP Address in Event Logs CMS
    duy luu    —       —    Question

    Hi All,I want to change the IP address on the event log in CMS admin, I change the IP in the @LogContext.LogEventToCurrent@ and @EventLogProvider.LogEvent@ to the function get the IP of client but ...

  • Relationships in Kentico
    Roman Hall    —       —    Question

    How to build a Kentico CMS Portal implementation which is working on many-to-many relationship? i think you know how many-to-many relationship works. can kentico handle this kind of relatinships in...

  • CMS Dashboard Showing Angular Property Names rather than Property Values
    Michael Legacy    —       —    Question

    Having an issues with the CMS application. After checking our CMS app into GIT, and cloning to a different location, we are now seeing the above instead of the true names of the applications. Using...

  • Dynamic logo using site settings
    jak riley    —       —    Question

    Hi,Basically I want to know how I can possible utilise the site settings in order to be able to change the logo on my site easier. I want to be able to log into the CMS and upload an image in the s...

  • Regarding the website folder
    linus 392    —       —    Question

    When I created a new blank website. Its is showing in dashboard but the site is not showing inside the Kentico11\CMS folder. What is the issue.

  • Add Custom CSS in your Website
    Gelli Samson    —       —    Question

    I have added a custom css in my website and i notice that it overrides the cms' default css. To be specific my custom css overrides the padding of the workflow menu buttons. What is the best way to...

  • Add JS in HorizontalTab.ascx
    Gelli Samson    —       —    Question

    Hi, I am not sure if this is okay to do, but i need to add a script inside the horizontal tab. may i ask how can i do this? i am loading a script in cms editing page. thanks, gelli

  • Need Defination of cms_User fields
    arbab anis    —       —    Question

    Hi,I need definition of some filed of cms.Users those are following.UserSiteManagerDisabledUserTokenIterationActivationKeyStatusIdRegistrationIpDateVerifiedThanks You