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  • Kentico 12 sections "allowed widgets"
    Craig Barben    —       —    Question

    Version: 12Hotfix: NoneDev model: MVCHi, I am attempting to limit the allowed widgets in a section. The sections render the editable region slightly differently according to the documentation and m...

  • MVC Url Pattern
    Carsten Gerwing    —       —    Question

    Hi everyone,is it possible to use the NodeAliasPath as the url pattern in a mvc application? Somehow following setup is not working with the NodeAliasPath and the DocumentNamePath as well:routes.Ma...

  • MVC Widget with a Touch of Kentico Cloud
    Rui Wang    —       —    Article

    With the release of Kentico V12 comes the new page builder for MVC. As part of self-improvement, I was trying to come up with an interesting small project. I decided to try pulling some content from a Kentico Cloud project and display it using an MVC Widget in the Kentico EMS site. This scenario would be useful for marketing teams that use Kentico Cloud to manage multichannel content and want to show that content in their Kentico CMS site.

  • Transitioning a Large Development Team to Kentico MVC – An Interview with MVP Ilesh Mistry
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Kentico partners come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small, 5-10 people operations, while others are enormous titans of industry with employee counts into the hundreds. While these companies may operate and handle their projects differently, one thing remains: they all must come up with a plan to move to MVC. As one of our largest partners, MMT Digital has crafted a unique process to get their team up to date. And because our MVPs are such awesome folks, Ilesh Mistry recently told me all about their MVC plans.

  • When Should I Migrate My Kentico Portal Site to MVC?
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    So, you know that we’ve released Kentico 12 with all its awesome MVC support. And you know you should be using MVC for all your new sites. Sounds like a perfect plan! But what about your existing sites? Our Support and Consulting teams are fielding a lot of questions from our partners as to when they should migrate their existing Portal sites. Because everyone loves charts, I made a handy workflow for you in this article to help you out.

  • Which Development Model Should I Choose for My Kentico EMS Site?
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    With the release of Kentico 12 and our updated MVC support, developers have a big question they have to answer. For their new projects, which development model should they choose? We have been publishing many articles and best practices on this topic, including deep dives into the tech, interviews with community experts, and technical webinars to help companies along the way. Sometimes, people just want a simple chart to help them decide. In this article, we’ve got you covered on how to choose the model for your next project!

  • Dynamic Properties for Widget
    Carsten Gerwing    —       —    Question

    Hi everyone,since the release of Kentico 12 I've tried some experiments with the MVC version. Right now I would love to build a widget where the editor can decide how many Icons should be displayed...

  • Transitioning a Small Agency to MVC – An Interview with MVP Brenden Kehren
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Having a large development can bring a lot of advantages. With more developers, knowledge and experience can be exchanged easily as downtime can be minimized with group trainings and meetings. For smaller development teams, the impact is far greater, often requiring special planning when a new technology is being adopted. In this article, I’ll share with you some highlights from my recent interview with Founder of Kehren Development and Kentico MVP Brenden Kehren on how his team is making the transition to MVC in preparation for Kentico 12.

  • Multisite Azure Application Gateway App Service MVC configuration issue - 502 error
    Lance Keay    —       —    Question

    We have a MVC Kentico 11 MVC site. It hosts multiple websites. We are trying to set up an Azure Application Gateway that points to two App Services, one MVC, one for Kentico admin.So far I have t...

  • Global events with MVC in K11
    Lance Keay    —       —    Question

    I've tried to follow the docs: for setting up a global event handler, but it's not working for our MVC ...