Current culture forced to developer country causing site to not work locally

Laura Frese asked on February 1, 2024 15:43

We are having an issue in Kentico 12 MVC hotfix 103 suddenly where the CurrentCulture is being set to the developers country pl-pl. This has worked fine until recently when we did the hotfix to 103. This results in an inability to edit pages in the CMS as its trying to pull up pages in that culture. The site is not a multilingual site and only exists in the US. We have ensured that in Kentico > Site en-US is set by default. there are no other cultures set. The culture in the database is en-us.

Correct Answer

Laura Frese answered on February 1, 2024 15:46

<globalization culture="en-US"> tag was set in the CMS web config but not the website. An attempt was made to update this key locally in IIS but when IIS reloads, it reset the culture.

Copying this web config key from the CMS and pasting in the Kentico 12 MVC web.config resolved the issue Kudos to Arseni Zhdanouski for figuring it out

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