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  • Filter Tabs on end user page
    Tracy DeLaCroix    —       —    Question

    Hello!I am trying to get the same functionality as this page the tab menu showing the different division and filtering based on the Division Name.I h...

  • I need to create nav tabs in a module (admin panel)
    giridhar Addagalla    —       —    Question

    Hi team, I am writing an extra functionality in my kentico module, so that I was thought of creating a tabs(nav tabs) in the aspx page, I am new to this, I tried to add tabs in bootstrap way which ...

  • Layout settings
    Raman Kalesnikau    —       —    Question

    I set this {$=Hello@br@world|ru-RU=Здравствуй@br@мир$} value in Tab headers property of Tabs layout settings, but tags doesn't work and insert on page as text. What I can do for break line?

  • jQuery tabs in Administration in 8.1
    Mark Elliott    —       —    Question

    We have a user control that has jQuery tabs and editable text regions. After we upgraded to 8.1 the tabs stopped working when logged in to Administration. When logged out and viewing the site as a ...

  • SEO consequences of using tabs
    MyPoint CreditUnion    —       —    Question

    I can't believe I never thought of this, but this article that just came out now has me fearing that my new site (using tabs) is not going to do well in terms of SEO.