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  • New MVC site on Kentico 11
    Peter Otmar    —       —    Question

    Hi We are currently using Kentico 11 for our main website and are about to develop another site on the same instance. This new site will be heavily integrated with external systems. Due to coming u...

  • Beware of Ending Support
    Michal Kadák    —       —    Article

    The upcoming version of Kentico will not include two features that previously were part of the product and the Visual Studio free edition support. I will describe the reasons for this course of action in this article.

  • Kentico EMS Technology Future
    Michal Kadák    —       —    Article

    ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC, MVC 5, .NET Standard. All of these technologies are going to play a significant role in the upcoming four years of Kentico EMS. The plan is still rough around the edges, but it is a long journey. Therefore, it's important to share the details we already know and give all of you a chance to express your ideas along the way.

  • MVC-First and Content Authoring
    David Komárek    —       —    Article

    The closer to the release of the first beta of Kentico 12, the more questions about our roadmap show up in my inbox. Let's talk a little bit more about the better authoring experience to empower marketers and also MVC-first topics and the future of Kentico EMS.