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  • Will these top 3 features justify what is now the longest wait yet for a new version of Kentico?
    Petr Passinger    —       —    Article

    In comparison with previous versions of Kentico’s integrated marketing solution, the new  version has required the longest development cycle yet. In the time it took Kentico to deliver on their promise of a revolutionary new product, several major in-house events occurred: the development team almost doubled in number, the company moved to new offices, six employees got married, and five established families. So, what exactly is in the new version that took so much hard work and made it the biggest release of Kentico yet? Let’s take a look at why Kentico 8 will be the best way to celebrate the company’s 10th year on the market.

  • Usability Testing for the Greatest User Experience
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    How do you really know if you’re website’s user experience is great if you haven’t witnessed actual users using it? And how do you know that your new website is going to be great if your users aren’t the ones driving the decisions? The answer to both of these questions is, you don’t. Be wary of a web designer that offers all of the answers before ever talking to your users. Every organization and its users are unique in some way, and with usability testing you can gather the insights you need to take out the guess work and start designing human focused websites.  

  • Kentico CMS 7: Web part toolbar
    Jakub Oczko    —       —    Article

    One of the user experience improvements included in version 7 is a more convenient approach to designing pages using a web part toolbar.

  • Building a Better User Experience
    Thomas Robbins    —       —    Video Article

    Michael Whalen from Bit Wizards talks about the importance of a memorable user experience and highlights some of the ways that experience can be enhanced.