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  • Sub-site Branding
    Julian C.    —       —    Question

    Is there any way I can apply a separate branding for a sub-site? When I say sub-site I mean a top level page and all its sub-pages. Examples:

  • how to relate custom pagetype to cms_Document?
    kyle shapiro    —       —    Question

    I want to query all the CMS_Document.[documentName]s where custom_page_type.[custom_field] = 'Y'. How in Kentico's database do you relate a custom table (representing a pagetype you've created) to ...

  • How to embed a previously independent designed page (with json data) within a kentico website
    Farah El Agha    —       —    Question

    I received today a map design created by a certain designer, he created it with a pure html language, and added the corresponding css, and script files to the folder, then he included a json file, ...

  • Webparts not visible in Design Tab
    Justin Borg    —       —    Question

    Hi, I have 2 websites using the same settings only the master page is different. On one website everything works fine but on the other site when I create any doc type in an RTL language (Persian or...

  • Codeblock error in design tab but not the front-end of website
    Lennard van Diggelen    —       —    Question

    Hi!I load the headerimage like this which works fine on the front-end:style='background-image: url(@~/getattachment/@%= CMS.DocumentEngine.DocumentContext.CurrentDocument.GetValue(@PageHeaderImage@...

  • Hook for CMS CSS changes?
    Fahlgren Mortine    —       —    Question

    Good morning. Most of the site designs which I've integrated into Kentico have complicated layouts, and very often this causes problems in the CMS. Things like fixed-position elements, negative mar...

  • 10 Common Mistakes when delivering client sites
    Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article

    Well, you must be thinking you are a Kentico MVP and you are slagging Kentico off already! No, this is not what I am saying, what I am saying is that what annoys me about Kentico sites I have seen and heard about in the Kentico Community is that the sites that are being delivered are hard to content manage or the client is no longer using Kentico because it seems impossible to use and it is clunky and slow etc...

    These are the comments and views that put a bad impression on our favourite CMS, Kentico. This can then spread across to potential clients or partners looking to use Kentico CMS and we need to make sure the correct messages are passed on and shared, not the bad ones. 

    We all love Kentico right? So let's make sure we deliver the Kentico sites properly to our clients who then start singing and dancing about Kentico. 

  • Layout with web parts
    Suneel Jhangiani    —       —    Question

    I'm looking for some suggestions on the best way to accomplish the following:@div class=@pagebanner-container@ style=@[background image from PageType field]@@ @div class=@breadcrumb-container@@...

  • Is my widgetzone bugged?
    Bob Haring    —       —    Question

    Hi all, I have run into a strange issue. There is this widget zone, when I add a widget through the page tab it doesn't show up. Everything works fine up until the moment I click @save and close@; ...

  • CSS and design tab
    Mateusz Żebrowski    —       —    Question

    I've added css stylesheet to my site. The problem is that when I go to CMS Desk and click design tab it looks weird. Can I add some CSS rules which are applies only for design tab?