Is my widgetzone bugged?

Bob Haring asked on June 22, 2015 17:25

Hi all,

I have run into a strange issue. There is this widget zone, when I add a widget through the page tab it doesn't show up. Everything works fine up until the moment I click "save and close"; after the page refresh the widgetzone remains empty.

But when I add a widget on the design tab it works fine.

I have tried emptying the widget and removing the widgetzone on the template and re-adding it.

Has anyone else run into this strange issue?

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Timothy Fenton answered on June 22, 2015 18:35

Hello Bob

I have not seen this issue before, when you are recreating the widgetzone are you naming it the same thing? Could you try naming it something different as it could just be restoring the old widgetzone. Another thing you can try doing is convert it back into a webpart zone and then convert back to widgetzone. Also can you confirm your version / hotfix of kentico so I can do a little testing on my end?

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Joshua Adams answered on June 22, 2015 20:37

Also make sure you don't have conflicting javascript with Kentico library. Try to remove your custom js if you have some and see if that fixes the issue. If it is, then set a visibility macro to just show when the site viewmode is livesite.

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