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As well as performing his Kentico Technical Architect duties at MMT Digital, Ilesh is also a Kentico MVP, promoting Kentico and writing Kentico blogs for the community. He has been working with Kentico since version 3 and loves the best practices when building Kentico sites. His primarily focus is the Kentico Admin area and building high performance sites! He architects bespoke Kentico websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. See my Blog for more post -

Ilesh ranks #37 in the community leaderboard with total of 385 reputation points.

Top 10 things to be aware of when using Kentico 9 Continuous Integration

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If you haven’t used it already, one of the biggest features introduced in Kentico 9 was Continuous Integration.

Kentico 9 Continuous Integration is not to be confused with your deployment processes you may have that involve Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployments. It is basically a great introduction path towards making every database object in Kentico represented in the file system. The way Kentico does this for their Continuous Integration, is by serializing all the Kentico objects into XML files.

Here are the list of Kentico objects that are covered by Kentico in this version – Continuous Integration objects allowed.   

Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1

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Kentico Mistry Magic's are short videos showing some Kentico hints and tips, which I hope you all will find useful. 

The idea behind these videos is to show the users quick and easy ways on perfoming specific tasks within Kentico. The videos will be really short so you can watch them on the move, whenever if you have a few minutes or even when making a tea or coffee!   
The first Kentico Mistry Magic - Lesson 1, is about Kentico Web Part Performance Best Practices. This short video illustrates the different hints and tips the Kentico Developers should be performing when they add web parts onto a page. Those hints and tips, should be something every Kentico Developer should be doing.

10 Common Mistakes when delivering client sites

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Well, you must be thinking you are a Kentico MVP and you are slagging Kentico off already! No, this is not what I am saying, what I am saying is that what annoys me about Kentico sites I have seen and heard about in the Kentico Community is that the sites that are being delivered are hard to content manage or the client is no longer using Kentico because it seems impossible to use and it is clunky and slow etc...

These are the comments and views that put a bad impression on our favourite CMS, Kentico. This can then spread across to potential clients or partners looking to use Kentico CMS and we need to make sure the correct messages are passed on and shared, not the bad ones. 

We all love Kentico right? So let's make sure we deliver the Kentico sites properly to our clients who then start singing and dancing about Kentico. 

Multi Factor Authentication with Google Authenticator setup tips

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This blog post talks about my recommendations during implementing the Google Authenticator for Multi-Factor Authentication in Kentico following the Kentico DevNet article that was provided.

It also assumes that you have the Google Authenticator Application installed on your device.

We were required to have Multi-Factor Authentication on a particular Kentico site, which was a part of other sites in the same Kentico installation. So we couldn't just apply this work globally to all sites, as only one of them wanted this particular authentication process. 

My top 10 reasons to upgrade to Kentico EMS

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Kentico CMS is an extremely powerful content management system and offers a great amount of features, which would more than your average demands of a CMS these days. However if you want want to take Kentico CMS further with great steps and fulfill your marketing desires, you must look into the Kentico EMS.

Kentico 9 - other features you may not know about

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This post talks about some of the smaller features that were released in Kentico version 9. They will compliment the major feature posts people in the Kentico community have already been talking about.

Kentico released Kentico version 9 in November 2015, if you were not aware of this, where have you been? :)

My top 10 Kentico blog posts in 2015

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Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great festive period.

Now it is 2016, it was worth me reviewing what was achieved in 2015 and provide you with my top 10 Kentico blog posts in 2015. So here are the blog posts, in no particular order, I have selected for you all, enjoy!

Creating a website template

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Have you ever needed to apply the same site settings to each and every site you create?  Have you ever wanted only certain modules to be available for every site?  Have you ever had to go into each new site and remove features or configure them specifically? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I will show you an approach to use that can hopefully save you some time. 

Common panels handling in Kentico - 1 of 2

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This is a common dilemma, which we all face when we are building Kentico sites using the Portal Template approach. 

The dilemma is how to create content management controls/web parts/panels etc..., which can be easily managed in one area and for them to be used only on specific pages? 

Still not sure what I am talking about? Well an example of such a panel would be something like a promotional panel/box that appears on pages in the right hand column. It only appears on certain pages and would need to be changed now and then because of some reason or another. 

Infographic - How to contact Kentico Support

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Have you ever wondering how you should be really contacting Kentico Support?
Have a look at this Infographic explaining the steps you need to take to help you get a great response.

SSL v3 Vulnerability - POODLE

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There has been a new vulnerability in SSL v3, which was the POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption) attack. POODLE, main area of attack is against SSL v3. In particular it allows the attacker to retrieve elements from the SSL connection. Plaintext elements, like cookies, from this connection can be retrieved. As you can see this is something that could prove costly if hackers got hold of sensitive information. 

Guest appearance Kentico Rocks Podcast 11

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A second opportunity for myself and fellow MVP Jeroen Furst to join MVP's Bryan Soltis and Brian McKeiver on their legendary Kentico Rocks podcast. We joined them on episode 11 after the Kentico Connection in Prague.

Guest appearance Kentico Rocks Podcast 10

Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article
This was a first for myself and fellow MVP Jeroen Furst to join MVP's Bryan Soltis and Brian McKeiver on their legendary Kentico Rocks podcast. We joined them on episode 10 after the Kentico Connection in Prague.

My top 10 Kentico blog posts of 2014

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Well 2014 has been an amazing year for me, MMT Digital and Kentico! For myself I had the honor of being awarded Kentico MVP, I still feel truly privileged and extremely happy to have received. In terms of MMT Digital, this company is amazing place to work with and it is great to be a part of one of the leading Kentico partners in the world.

Selenium Testing on Kentico Sites

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There are many web browser automation testing tools out there, but here at MMT Digital we have been using Selenium - Web Browser Automation as one of the testing tools.

Quick Kentico Reminder - Use Kentico Custom Website Settings

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Kentico Website Installations, have predefined settings that come with the site installation. These settings provided by Kentico help us towards building Kentico sites and also help us to apply best practices to the our sites. The Kentico Website Settings are located in the Settings area and are grouped into various sections.

Where are Document Types in Kentico 8.1?

Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article
If you have started to look at Kentico 8.1 and are looking for Kentico Document Types, then you might be a little puzzled, just like I was. As you won't find them in the admin area if you search for Document Types.

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