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  • Exporting Blogs
    Kelly Shepard    —       —    Question

    Currently running latest version of 9. I have exported my site and created it as a new site on another server. Since doing this, we have made a lot of changes to our blogs (from deleting entire blo...

  • Link Kentico blog posts to corresponding social media post
    Rob M    —       —   

    My Kentico site has a blog that uses Kentico's Social @ Community apps to synchronize its posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook. In the transformation (Page types -> Blog post -> Transformat...

  • Show all blogs from category
    Vasyl Chepil    —       —    Question

    I need to show all blogs from categoryfor this purpose i'm trying to use Repeater with WHERE condition`CategoryID IN (23)` but this not workPS.Without where condition the repeater shows all blogs

  • My top 10 Kentico blog posts in 2015
    Ilesh Mistry    —       —    Article

    Happy New Year to you all and hope you had a great festive period.

    Now it is 2016, it was worth me reviewing what was achieved in 2015 and provide you with my top 10 Kentico blog posts in 2015. So here are the blog posts, in no particular order, I have selected for you all, enjoy!

  • Top 10 Kentico Related Posts of 2015
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    Another year has rolled by, and with it comes the chance to reflect on what has happened in the Kentico community and my own blog here at

    2015 started out with a bang, with the release of Kentico 8.2 in early January. Kentico 8.2 turned out to be one of the best releases of the year. All of our projects at BizStream quickly upgraded to this new version because of the increased performance and stability. I think everyone would agree that 8.2 rocked.

    The year continued with all sorts of new activity for Kentico enthusiasts. The Kentico Developer Roadshow ran through 4 cities. We added a few new Kentico MVPs to the mix. Kentico DevNet itself saw a lot of new and interesting updates. And of course, the Kentico Connection conference in Melbourne, Orlando, Brno once again proved it is the premiere Kentico event of the year.

    Finally 2015's biggest news must of course be that Kentico 9.0 was released this past November. Kentico 9 allows for faster website development through CI, Modularity improvements, and optimized auto scaling in the cloud. It also gives marketers a way to optimize campaigns for more insight into their results, and has better support for semantic content editing.

    2015 was an excited year for sure. Now on to my best of lists for Kentico Related Posts.


  • Deleting old blog posts
    Sam Sumpter    —       —    Question

    We are trying to institute a blog on our site. There is one already there that was attempted in 2010 and I would like to delete it and start over. Our blog has never been active but we want to star...

  • Blogs Migration
    mohsine tahri    —       —    Question

    Hi, Recently, we decided to migrate one of our website from K6 to K7, we have a lot of blogs in this website, but we successfuly migrated them, my issue is that before in k6, we had multiple blogs...

  • Latest Internal communications with a place for comments
    Sherry Collins    —       —    Question

    I want to put the 5 latest company internal communications on the Home Page of my site. Each internal communications should allow comments and behave like a blog. Is there anyway I can use one of ...

  • Blogs month display
    Steve Pine    —       —    Question

    On v7.0.53 I have set up Repeaters for blog template with a separate ones for: * rptMonth (with @Show for document types: CMS.BlogMonth@)and * rptAllBlog (with @Show for document types: CMS.BlogPo...

  • Blog Month Post Template showing last months path for content
    Taun Brown    —       —    Question

    We just made a blog on our site and the issue I have is that each time a new month of blogs gets created it Kentico creates a blog month page for that month (which is great) but the path for the co...