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Steve Pine asked on April 9, 2015 00:54

On v7.0.53 I have set up Repeaters for blog template with a separate ones for: * rptMonth (with "Show for document types: CMS.BlogMonth")and * rptAllBlog (with "Show for document types: CMS.BlogPost")

It's all fine except for Blog month display. It does not filter out by month but simply displays all posts for that path. Is there a "Where" condition or am I missing something only displays the specific posts for each month?

example is at


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Brenden Kehren answered on April 9, 2015 00:58

If you leave the Path property empty, it should automatically filter by the posts directly below that month. The WHERE condition should be exactly what your rptAllBlog repeater has in it, unless you're doing some other filtering at the month. If it does not, use a macro like so:

{% CurrentDocument.NodeAliasPath|(identity)GlobalAdministrator%}/%
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Steve Pine answered on April 9, 2015 01:06

That worked! It has been driving me crazy...thanks so much.

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