Kentico Site Delivery Checklist


This post will talk you through the reasoning behind the Kentico Site Delivery Checklist and then at the end of it, there will be a checklist that you can use when developing your Kentico sites.

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Ilesh Mistry

As well as performing his Kentico Technical Architect duties at MMT Digital, Ilesh is also a Kentico MVP, promoting Kentico and writing Kentico blogs for the community. He has been working with Kentico since version 3 and loves the best practices when building Kentico sites. His primarily focus is the Kentico Admin area and building high performance sites! He architects bespoke Kentico websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. See my Blog for more post -


Ilesh Mistry commented on

Hi Petr, oh yes I forgot about this.
I will look into it and add it into mine, so then we can have a checklist that is all in one place. As I can see items that can be carried over :)
Thanks for the reminder!

Petr Svihlik commented on

Hey Ilesh, have you read the Kentico DeliverNow! methodology? It also contains a set of checklists...