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Three Ways to Manage Data in Kentico Using PowerShell

Petr Svihlik    —       —    Article

PowerShell is the leading task automation platform for Windows. Developers and system administrators from all around the world use it for the most complex deployment and installation scenarios as well as for the simplest scripting. The facts that it's built on top of the .NET Framework opens up certain possibilities for integration with Kentico. Today, we'll have a look at what we can achieve with PowerShell in combination with the Kentico API and the Kentico REST API.

Running Kentico in a Docker container

Petr Svihlik    —       —    Featured Article

Containers are the next big thing in the world of deployment and DevOps. Two weeks ago, at NDC Oslo 2016, I attended Ben Hall's presentation on Deploying Docker Containers on Windows Server 2016. That triggered me to do what I had wanted to do for a long time — deploy Kentico to a Windows Server Container using Docker. This article will walk you through the process step by step.

Take Advantage of Kentico’s NuGet Feed and Build Your Own Apps

Petr Svihlik    —       —    Article

With the release of Kentico 9, we introduced a set of NuGet packages which play an important role in our newly available support for MVC. One of these packages stands out from the others. This package is Kentico.Libraries, and in this article, we'll talk about how you can use it to build your own apps. Using the Kentico API has never been easier.

Kentico on Stack Overflow - How to Get Productive

Petr Svihlik    —       —    Article

The world's largest Q&A platform, Stack Overflow, is a perfect place to get and give online help on any programming topic, including Kentico. At this time, there are about 350 Kentico related questions, which is not bad but we believe we can do better. For starters, I'll share a few tips from my own experience on Stack Overflow with you. Let's start building an online knowledge base for Kentico together! 

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