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  • Integration bus Incoming Synchronization
    Yun Chang Lee    —       —    Question

    Are there any other sample or guide on implementing integration bus for incoming synchronization ? The only documentation I can find is in docs and it feels confusing on how to implement it on kent...

  • Javascript - working on the same file
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I have a Javascript file that needs to be worked on by two people at the same time. We don't necessarily need to work on the same functions/parts of the file, but we do need access to the sa...

  • Using a page template for multiple pages
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I'm reusing the same page template for two pages - however I want to be able to hide/show certain web parts. What is the macro syntax for this? And where would I put this? I'm thinking in a ...

  • making webpart visible/hidden based on content within
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I'm wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction...I need to hide a webpart if there is no content inside, and show it otherwise. I've seen macro's that do this but am strugglin...

  • Replacing word in resource string
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I'm trying to replace a word in a resource string with a variable's value.Here's my code:{% GetResourceString(@Project.type.residential@).Replace(@#residential#@, variable) #%}but am still o...

  • Kentico breaks when trying to delete webpart
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi all,I'm experiencing a bit of a strange issue when trying to delete a web part from a page template. When attempting to delete, the web part remains, and the logged in user (me, in this case) ha...

  • Logic within repeater
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hello,I'm trying to pull data from two different page types into a repeater. Once I have the data, here's what I'd like to do with it:First, I need to iterate over all items(pages) within a specifi...

  • How To Use Kentico Custom Module Help Topics
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    Recently I was having a conversation with BizStream founder, Mark Schmidt, on how we could simplify the learning curve for using some of the custom functionality that we had created in one of our projects. Mark was on the side of adding custom labels into the pages where needed. I was on the side of trying to leverage the excellent help system that Kentico comes built with. The argument actually got quite heated, as it tends to do around the office, and we finally ended the argument without a real agreement.

    The fact is that we frequently create custom modules in Kentico to handle any large customization need. Building your own modules is actually the preferred choice and Kentico best practice when it comes to adding in functionality to a site built with Kentico or the actual Kentico admin interface itself. But neither Mark nor I had actually taken the time to sit down and browse through the lesser known aspect of module development.

    This morning I had a chance to do that, and it turns out there is a really simple solution to linking any helpful information or documentation to a custom module. The best part is that the solution was just a few clicks away. 

  • Using two page types in a repeater
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi there,I have a repeater that is grabbing data from two page types. I am having two issues though.One, I have a field in both page types named @Display Name@ - how do I work with this? If I call...

  • Transformations and if else statements
    Shawn Ebeyer    —       —    Question

    Hi there,I'm working on a transformation and need to include an if statement that if true, will return a bunch of HTML elements, but if not true, will return a whole different set of HTML elements....