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Shawn Ebeyer asked on October 6, 2016 17:40

Hi all,

I'm reusing the same page template for two pages - however I want to be able to hide/show certain web parts. What is the macro syntax for this? And where would I put this? I'm thinking in a WHERE clause that would return a true/false value?

Syntax examples would be amazing as always!



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Joshua Adams answered on October 6, 2016 17:44

In each webpart, you can set a visible macro. Examples could be assuming that your pages are named a and b:

Visible: {% CurrentDocument.DocumentName == "a" |(identity)GlobalAdministrator%}

There are tons of possiblities.
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Shawn Ebeyer answered on October 6, 2016 17:49

Thanks Joshua,

Not using the CMS regularly, I forgot that I can click and expand to add code to the visibility option.



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