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  • Clearing data from UIForm
    Katrina Miday    —       —    Question

    Hello! Does anyone happen to know how to clear the UIForm via a @cancel@ button without refreshing the page?

  • How to remove an imported custom module
    corey steinwand    —       —    Question

    Not using NuGet.I ran into a situation while going through the Kentico Advanced Developer training course.I installed the doctor/appointments custom module that was provided via a link to GitHub fr...

  • Spending some quality time with the Kentico Data Protection module
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    By now, I’m sure you’re an expert on GDPR. You‘ve hung out with your favorite legal team to talk about it, read all the riveting blogs about the rules, and started dreaming in GDPR-eze. You have all the info on what you need to do, but may not be sure how to get things going within your Kentico sites. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the new Data Protection module included with your Kentico 11 EMS installation to help you get compliant.

  • Error on some admin modules after Kentico 10 upgrade
    Cassandra Snyder    —       —    Question

    After upgrading to Kentico 10 from 9 and trying to finish the upgrade process by running the website, I get the expected Invalid License Key page and try to pull up the licenses module in the admin...

  • How to disable/Enable a module
    Naresh Ede    —       —    Question

    we have so many modules in kentico interface. Actually i want to disable some modules which i don't want.And in case i need those modules in future, i can able to enable those modules.So tell me th...

  • K10 Custom modules, unigrid, and more
    Keith Donnell    —       —    Question

    I am trying to develop a custom module using Kentico best practices where possible. I have been following the article at, ho...

  • Roles & Permissions
    Ariel Mitevski    —       —    Question

    Hello, I'm trying to add the Localization module for CMS basic users. I noticed that there are a few places in Kentico where I can grant this permission but I did not really understand the purpose...

  • modules - user interface info is not displaying after upgrading Kentico 7 to 8
    Cristhian Caldas    —       —    Question

    Hi:I was trying to upgrade a kentico website from v7 to v8 using the upgrade tool; after the upgrade process i was trying to visualize the modules info in admin page (Development -@ Modules) and wh...

  • File Import Version 9
    lawrence whittemore    —       —    Question

    What happened to the file import module in kentico 9? Was very handy for adding multiple files to the tree.

  • How To Use Kentico Custom Module Help Topics
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    Recently I was having a conversation with BizStream founder, Mark Schmidt, on how we could simplify the learning curve for using some of the custom functionality that we had created in one of our projects. Mark was on the side of adding custom labels into the pages where needed. I was on the side of trying to leverage the excellent help system that Kentico comes built with. The argument actually got quite heated, as it tends to do around the office, and we finally ended the argument without a real agreement.

    The fact is that we frequently create custom modules in Kentico to handle any large customization need. Building your own modules is actually the preferred choice and Kentico best practice when it comes to adding in functionality to a site built with Kentico or the actual Kentico admin interface itself. But neither Mark nor I had actually taken the time to sit down and browse through the lesser known aspect of module development.

    This morning I had a chance to do that, and it turns out there is a really simple solution to linking any helpful information or documentation to a custom module. The best part is that the solution was just a few clicks away.