How to remove an imported custom module

corey steinwand asked on August 2, 2018 19:20

Not using NuGet.

I ran into a situation while going through the Kentico Advanced Developer training course.

I installed the doctor/appointments custom module that was provided via a link to GitHub from the course.

I wanted to check my work against the completed example.

I went to Sites Application and imported the custom module. Then I wanted to remove it, but I couldn't find where to remove it. And when I went to delete it, I received an error.

I had to revert to a clean install, and I don't think I should have to do that, but can't find any documentation that talks about removing a module, that isn't a Nuget package

How can I remove the imported module without having to do a clean install?

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on August 2, 2018 21:08 (last edited on August 2, 2018 21:09)

See documentation. You can not uninstall modules that were transferred directly using the Kentico export and import features. You may try to delete it.

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corey steinwand answered on August 2, 2018 21:12

I did use the Kentico import feature

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