Kentico 12 URL Redirection module

Rohan Pandit asked on June 16, 2020 17:26

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install this 301 redirect module on my production server. I was able to successfully install it on dev, meaning the "Custom" tab would show up in the menu section of Kentico CMS.

I've followed the same exact process as I did for dev on prod. The process is basically. Install the module via the NuGet packet manager. Add reference for the dll, and then rebuild. Move all appropriate files (basically moved everything to be sure) to the inetpub webroot. I made sure web config was updated as well. All of this worked on dev. I replicated exactly on prod and it did not work. I apologize if this is vague or not enough info is provided, please feel free to ask for more!

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David te Kloese answered on June 17, 2020 13:05

Have you tried contacting the developers?

When you say it doesn't work.. is the module not showing? you get an error, the functionality not working? Any errors in the Event Log? Do you have any other non-local/dev environment you've tried it on?

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Rohan Pandit answered on June 17, 2020 16:00

Hi David,

The module is not showing up as it should be which is described in the documentation. Basically there should be a "Custom" tab that pops up in that menu area with "Content", "Development", "Configuration", etc, on the CMS side. So the functionality isn't working. Additionally, I have not gotten any errors on install, no errors in the event logs, no application level errors. I've only tried it on the one other dev server I have. As far as I can see, the proper reference to the dll is there and there are no build errors either. I will contact the developers as well.

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David te Kloese answered on June 26, 2020 15:23

Probably the module is not registered properly, double check naming, paths and versions.

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