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  • Find page type in folder
    Alex Koshel    —       —    Question

    Hi. I have a folder structure like this. How to get url page type A in page type B?

  • Uni Selector Using Macro in the Display Name Format Field
    Jay Crowe    —       —    Question

    Hi,I am using a macro within the Display Name Format field within the settings for the Uni Selector. It is giving me the output I require but this then breaks the Search functionality of the Uni Se...

  • Email template macro issue
    Mikhail Grishin    —       —    Question

    I have an email template with macro. I need to display DataTable. Inside macro I have loop and only print methods inside loop. I'm pretty sure that that table contains correct data. But as a result...

  • Conditional Macro
    Wei Wang    —       —    Question

    Hi,I try to use a conditional macro (if... else) to achieve the purpose of displaying different dashboard based on different username. The expression in the If is an iframe kind of javascript. But ...

  • Create custom macro rule
    Wei Wang    —       —    Question

    Hi,I try to find a macro that can exclude products in certain departments but didn't find any. How do I create a custom macro rule to do so? where is the code that relates to the default macro rule...

  • Email template Macro issue
    Wei Wang    —       —    Question

    Hi,I have an email template using some macros. The email macro is in the code in the ObjectrEvents.cs using Tuple.Create. The html text uses string.format and I have to format it into html talbes, ...

  • Current Shopping Cart Product(s) URL
    Les Girvan    —       —    Question

    As part of a integration, we need to capture details of the current shopping cart. I have been able to get products image URL's by using `{% GetAbsoluteUrl(ECommerceContext.CurrentShoppingCart.Cont...

  • Macro Checkout Array
    Les Girvan    —       —    Question

    Hi Guys,Just looking for help in formatting a macro results, I have this for loop for current shopping cart and want to create an array with bracket separators between the items in the basket, so l...

  • Macro Help
    Brian Gosnell    —       —    Question

    I am having some difficulties with formatting a macro that sets an online form field default value from a selected dropdown list in the form that then reads from a custom table. {% GlobalObjects.Cu...

  • Change Macro Signature
    Wei Wang    —       —    Question

    Hi,I wonder how can I change macro signature to a different user? All the macros have signed by to the account that was no long use (left the company). If I get rid of this user the macros broke. S...