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  • New on DevNet: Disqus Comments
    Petr Svihlik    —       —    Article

    We are continuously listening to your feedback and improving DevNet based on your comments. This time, we have brought you a whole new discussion experience, so read on...

  • Connecting Disqus Comments with Kentico
    Brenden Kehren    —       —    Article

    Kentico MVP Brian McKeiver (@mcbeev) covered this subject in his post a while back. I'd like to suppliment his posts with what I learned when following his instructions to implement Disqus on my Kentico site.  The differences or changes aren't substantial but they are worth mentioning. So I'm unofficially naming this post "Part 2 1/4" of How to Connect Disqus Comments to Kentico EMS Activity Tracking.

  • How to Connect Disqus Comments to Kentico EMS Activity Tracking - Part 2
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    One thing that has always bugged me about using Disqus for comments is that the service is all purely client side / JavaScript based, and therefore I lose a little bit of insight into exactly who is commenting on my blog posts from a Kentico Contact Management and Activity Tracking perspective.
    My goal today is to show you how to fix that and trap those client side events that happen via JavaScript and log them in the built in Kentico Activity Tracking database and UI.

  • How to Connect Disqus Comments to Kentico EMS Activity Tracking
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    My team and I use the Disqus blog comment system on the blogs that we have created for, my site, and many other of our client projects. Disqus is a great system for handling blog post comments. It makes the moderating, anti-spam, and community building aspect of running a blog a breeze. I could not recommend it more.

  • Implement disqus into blog module
    Maxi Spinelli    —       —    Question

    I'm using kentico 8.1 EMS and a client wants to add disqus to the blog posts. Is there any way to do this?Thanks in advance!