New on DevNet: Community Leaderboard


Have you ever wondered who the most active members of the Kentico developers’ community are? Now you can find out in our new Community Leaderboard!

One of our long-term goals is to make community work more fun and more challenging. That's why we are introducing the Community Leaderboard, a reputation-based ladder showing the top community players.

Community Leaderboard

You can choose to view statistics for the current monthquarter, or year — or see the full standings with the all-time ladder.

What is reputation? How do I earn it?

Reputation is the rough measurement of how much the community values your opinions. You can earn it by providing your fellow developers with quality answers to their questions both here on DevNet and on StackOverflow.

On DevNet, you can earn reputation if your answer is voted up (+10 points) or marked as correct (+15 points).

StackOverflow recognizes more types of activities, such as bounties, accepted edits, etc. To be able to receive reputation from StackOverflow, make sure you link your accounts. In the calculations, we only consider reputation gained from activities related to questions tagged "kentico".

This is only the beginning…

Having the Leaderboard in place opens up new possibilities for us. In the future, you can expect more activities to generate reputation, and we also plan on holding contests based on the ladder. So stay tuned and let us know what you think down in the comments!

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Petr Svihlik

I listen to the voice of community and act in its interest.


Petr Svihlik commented on

Thanks Dawid, it's in progress :)

Dawid Jachnik commented on

Great feature! Another feature that would be helpful will be possibility to subscribe the question or some notification about new responses and the reminder for asker to mark answer as correct :)