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In this article, we'll have a look at some statistics. In particular, I'd like to present you with the most discussed Kentico topics, terms developers search for, and the questions they ask.

Before I get to the interesting data, I'd like to shed some light on why I'm writing this article. Looking at the support tickets our engineers have to resolve every day, we see that most of the topics keep repeating over time. Often, we receive the exact same questions, even from people working for the same company. In addition to this, frequently, these questions are elementary level and the answers are easily accessible in documentation. This indicates that people do not share information ideally – on a global scale but also on a company-level, e.g. senior devs do not help their younger colleagues as would be appropriate. Also, all communication with our support department ( remains private and cannot be reused by a public audience. Therefore, I'd like to encourage you to use public channels whenever possible.

To make it easier for new Kentico devs, here's a summary of all possible means of self-help and help in general:

  1. Written materials:
  2. Tools:
    • API Changes tool - the ultimate weapon when performing upgrades
    • KInspector - a health, performance, and security auditing tool (open source)
  3. Online communities:
  4. Support:

And now for the fun part...

Top 10 Most Read Technical Articles in 2015dde98021c24fcb7098f9fcc1992f8e3e

Ok, apparently macros and object queries are reeeally important for you guys...

  DevNet blog Documentation (
1. How to identify which CMS is used on a website? Macro syntax
2. Running Visual Studio Remote Debugger in Domain Environment Reference - Transformation Methods
3. Kentico 8 Technology – DocumentQuery API Creating Virtual Directories and Application Pools in IIS 7.5 and 7.0
4. Restore SQL DB under Different Name(s). Reference - Macro Methods
5. Creating a Mega Menu (step by step) Logon Troubleshooting
6. ASP.NET 5 (ASP.NET vNext) and Kentico Macro Expressions
7. Kentico 8 Technology - DataQuery API  Loading Data Using Custom Queries
8. Kentico 8 Technology - Form Engine Improvements  Server and Hosting Requirements
9. How to Initialize the Azure Storage Emulator on a Local SQL Server Creating Custom Modules
10. From Developers to Developers - K# Tutorial - Developing Websites with Kentico 8.2

Top 10 Most Popular Q&AsStack Overflow

Permanent redirects, WYSIWYG editor customizations, and document API are what intrigue you the most.

  StackOverflow DevNet
1. How to Change Schema of All Tables, Views, and Stored Procedures in MSSQL How to Disable the Browser Login Prompt When Using Windows Authentication?
2. Many-to-many Relationships in Kentico ASCX Transformation If Statement
3. How to Get At the Current User’s Windows Identity Custom HTTP-handlers Do Not Work (HTTP 404 Not Found)
4. IIS, Multiple CPU Cores, Application Pools, and Worker Processes... Kentico 8 CMSContext.CurrentUser Equivalent
5. Kentico TreeNode Delete Method Not Deleting Dependencies Custom Buttons on CKEditor
6. Difference between Portal Template and ASPX Template in Kentico Where Did CMS.CMSHelper.CMSContext Go?
7. Kentico Custom Module Development Get Current Document Property Value
8. How to Set Up 301 Redirects in Kentico CMS CKEditor Removing Empty Tags
9. How to Prevent ASP.NET and Kentico from Processing Static Files 301 Redirects
10. Log a User into My Front End Website Using Kentico DocumentQuery TreeProvider.SelectNodes() and Multiple Document Types

Top 10 Most Searched Phrases1e324d315a712c32fe8db977edf58ed2

What's the big deal about favicon? Can anyone tell me, please? :)

  DevNet Documentation (
1. favicon macro
2. bootstrap workflow
3. mvc forms
4. recompilation limit staging
5. smart search smart search
6. sharepoint transformation
7. azure custom macro
8. hotfix web farm
9. license api
10. upgrade blog

Top 10 most active Q&A users of all time

These are our dear Kentico heroes. Keep up the great community work guys!

Kentico Community

  StackOverflow DevNet
1. Anar Khalilov Brenden Kehren
2. John Bubriski  Charles Matvchuk
3. Brenden Kehren Roman Hutnyk
4. VinayC Petar Kozjak
5. Jerreck Maarten van den Hooven
6. Ben E G Jim Spillane
7. Doozer Blake Virgil Carroll
8. Mcbeev Dawid Jachnik
9. Grimboify Suneel Jhangiani
10. Jon Adams Juan Alchourron


Hope you enjoyed the statistics. If you still have trouble finding answers or getting help, let us know down in the comments section. Do you feel the documentation needs improvement? Tell us which particular topic we should improve or add!

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