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Let me introduce Kentico's first open-source project - KInspector. It's a tool that helps you keep your Kentico website in good shape by analyzing it and giving you performance, health, and security hints. The cool thing is that it's compatible with multiple versions of Kentico.

As I mentioned earlier, we are trying to identify code that would be suitable to open source. We are looking for projects that have a potential to become great applications. Projects that would be beneficial for all parties involved and that would motivate developers to take part. We believe we've found a project that meets these requirements.


KInspector is an application that serves to analyze different aspects of websites built in Kentico. It's been developed by our consultants who use it as one of many techniques for auditing sites. It's designed for people who already have sufficient Kentico knowledge, so if you're unfamiliar with some terms try to look them up in our documentation.

The application itself is really easy to use. First you need to enter details about your instance (make sure you don't run it against production instances so as to not affect its performance etc.)

Instance setup

After you connect to the instance, you'll see a whole bunch of modules. Click "Load module" to launch a module (some modules may take a while to run).

Running KInspector modules...

Modules should give you more insight into the health, performance, and security of your web application and usually give you a hint or point you in the right direction. To make a proper decision, it's essential to take not only the modules results into account but all the possible variables. I'm talking about a hosting environment (hardware, connectivity, cloud), application architecture (web farms, external services), etc. It's good to study Kentico's Deliver Now! methodology to be aware of the best practices. Another great resource is Kentico's performance report that will give you a good impression of what load Kentico can handle under different circumstances.

As I said earlier, the app has been developed by rather technical people so don't expect any fancy UI. It's focused more on functionality than on usability. Anyway, that's something you can help us change. :) There is plenty of room for improvement - just take a look at our issue tracker.

Contributions are more than welcome


We've decided to host this project on GitHub - a place where most of today's open source projects found their home and where the community already exists. We've picked GitHub because it's a leading OS platform, and it's really a joy to use.

We appreciate any form of contribution, whether it's development of new analyzer modules, fixing bugs, reporting bugs, reviewing code, testing, proof-reading UI strings and documentation, submitting issues and ideas, writing documentation, or making how-to videos. It's entirely up to you!

To get up and running fast check out our Home repository and then you can go straight to the KInspector.

The mission is simple: Let's help each other deliver better sites!


Kentico Software does not provide support or testing for open source software unless stated otherwise. It is developed by volunteers and maintained by Kentico employees in their free time. The software is distributed as it is without any guarantee. For more information, see the license in each repository before you start using it.

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