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This is a common dilemma, which we all face when we are building Kentico sites using the Portal Template approach. 

The dilemma is how to create content management controls/web parts/panels etc..., which can be easily managed in one area and for them to be used only on specific pages? 

Still not sure what I am talking about? Well an example of such a panel would be something like a promotional panel/box that appears on pages in the right hand column. It only appears on certain pages and would need to be changed now and then because of some reason or another. 

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Ilesh Mistry

As well as performing his Kentico Technical Architect duties at MMT Digital, Ilesh is also a Kentico MVP, promoting Kentico and writing Kentico blogs for the community. He has been working with Kentico since version 3 and loves the best practices when building Kentico sites. His primarily focus is the Kentico Admin area and building high performance sites! He architects bespoke Kentico websites that deliver outstanding user experiences. See my Blog for more post -