How to embed a previously independent designed page (with json data) within a kentico website

Farah El Agha asked on April 25, 2018 17:54

I received today a map design created by a certain designer, he created it with a pure html language, and added the corresponding css, and script files to the folder, then he included a json file, which from there he is getting is shown the zone name (on user hovering) along with the number of people who live within that zone, I want to embed this design within my website, how to do that, please check these screenshots to understand the project structureThe map Json File index HTML

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Rui Wang answered on April 25, 2018 22:21

Hi Farah You need to upload the map.json file to the web folder. Then you can embed the HTML using web part like Static HTML where you can reference to that JSON file like "~/map.json"

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Farah El Agha answered on April 26, 2018 07:57

Thank you very much, I just thought there was a webpart for static json files. but your answer will work too.

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