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  • admin login re-directs to https
    Les Girvan    —       —    Question

    Hi Guys,I have just setup a new dev/testing server and are looking to do some work on one of our live sites, which had SSL for administration UI enabled. I have, for the purpose of the dev server, ...

  • Unit Testing MVC projects in Kentico 12
    Richard Brantley    —       —    Question

    I'm trying to figure out how to unit test two types of controllers.Section controllers, which descend from SectionController

  • Admin issue
    Manoj Meena    —       —    Question

    We just upgraded our site to version 11 from 10, in local and dev server when we go to / admin it worksNow we deployed same thing in QA environment and when we do /admin it asks to login with popup...

  • Kentico Upgrade 10 to 11 Test Case Not Run
    Ramakrishnan G    —       —    Question

    I have upgraded the site version 10 to ll, clean the application and Rebuild the application its working fine.The issues is in the application Test case is there, If run the Testcase not run the te...

  • Kentico 11 A/B Testing feature is unavailable
    Jason Herz    —       —    Question

    I am trying to set up the A/B testing for my site but when I look through the list of modules under the 'online marketing' category OR search for 'a/b' or even 'testing' in the application manager ...

  • Kentico 9 - CVE-2017-17736
    Odem K    —       —    Question

    Hi,Currently we are testing the CVE-2017-17736 on web application which is using the Kentico 9 to prove the vulnerability still exits on the current application, we follow the POC(link: https://blo...

  • Quick Tip: Testing Virtual Objects in Kentico
    Bryan Soltis    —       —    Article

    Kentico has many features to aide developers and editors in their day-to-day tasks. From CSS validators to logging, helping users find issues is essential to a good CMS. For developers, one of the most critical steps is ensuring that their code compiles and there are no errors. While Visual Studio will certainly help with your custom code, issues in transformations and other data-based objects are a little harder to find. In this article, I’ll show you how you can test your virtual objects within the site using some built-in functionality within Kentico.

  • Generate Realistic Test Data in Kentico
    Brian McKeiver    —       —    Article

    Recently I wanted to play around with some user specific scenarios in my Kentico instance for a presentation that I was working on. To do that I needed a Kentico 9 instance with a lot of various users, user settings, and role associations already setup. After firing up a few instances of Visual Studio and running locally, I realized that I didn't have any good sandboxes to play in. So I bit the bullet, and started down the path of automating the creation of a few hundred users.

    I figured that there was no way it would take more than just a few minutes to do this task. It’s just creating a few users in Kentico which is like 4 or 5 lines of code in a for loop, right? As it turns out, there is a good way to do this, and then an even better way to do it using some freely available NuGet packages.

  • Get Near-Zero Load Time in Both Development and Production
    Jan Lenoch    —       —    Article

    Even with the Roslyn compiler deployed, individual pages of Kentico can still take some time to load for the first time. This article tells you how to speed it up significantly using precompilation, even in development installations. Manual testing can then be done with very short load times.

  • Preview ecommerce email template
    Motive CMS Team    —       —    Question

    Hi, is there a way of previewing an ecommerce email template without having to go through the entire order process. The project does not have any custom code so I would prefer not dropping in a dll...