Kentico 11 A/B Testing feature is unavailable

Jason Herz asked on January 24, 2019 23:16

I am trying to set up the A/B testing for my site but when I look through the list of modules under the 'online marketing' category OR search for 'a/b' or even 'testing' in the application manager (by opening the little flower at the top left and using the search function), I cannot seem to find the A/B testing module.

I have gone through the majority of the settings and turned on all the seemingly relative features (enabled: online marketing, a/b testing, mvt testing, web analytics). But I still cannot see the A/B Testing feature.

Maybe some helpful information regarding my instance:

  • I upgraded from Kentico 10 to 11 (base license) then I finally got hold of the EMS license the other day and applied it.
  • I am a Global Admin so I don't think my permissions are the issue.
  • Could I be missing some files (like .dlls or anything)?

Any helpful information is much appreciated. I am anxious to familiarize myself with Kentico's A/B Testing. Thanks to all!

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Eric Dugre answered on January 25, 2019 14:30

Firstly, I would try clearing the cache from the System application or recycling the application pool.

Are there any errors in the Event log? Many times when elements are not appearing in the UI as expected, there are macro errors and re-signing them can help:

If you open the Modules application, does A/B Testing appear in the list of installed modules? It is part of the On-line Marketing functionality, so if that is installed then A/B Testing should be. If it's not installed, you can install it by modifying your installation with the Kentico 11 installer.

Also, edit your site in the Sites application and check the Assigned objects > Modules tab. A/B Testing should appear in this list- if it doesn't, click "Add modules" and select it.

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Jason Herz answered on January 25, 2019 17:57

Eric, Thank you so much. I tried every avenue you suggested... and everything seemed to be set up correctly, the system said a/b testing and online marketing were enabled and available. So I went onto our server, ran the Kentico Installer and modified our website, I noticed that the Online Marketing feature was NOT installed. I went ahead and installed it, and BAM, A/B Testing is now available in our Kentico instance, actually a TON more Online Marketing modules. Thanks again!

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