Kentico CMS 7: Web analytics

The biggest additions to the Web analytics module in version 7 are new reports, statistics and report subscriptions. This post shows you a quick overview of the new features.
The Web analytics module was completely redesigned in version 6 and brought a lot of new statistics, mostly focused on website optimization (A/B testing, MVT Testing) and On-line marketing.  The changes in version 7 aim to improve the user experience and extend the usability of the module.

New statistics

The Mobile devices statistic allows you to see how many visitors view the website on mobile devices. You can also find out which specific devices are used.

The Conversion details report is similar to the already available Campaign details, but provides information from the point of view of specific types of conversions. It displays a breakdown of the selected conversion’s rate, value per visit and ROI for individual campaigns.

The new Search crawler statistic was mentioned in the SEO improvements blog post and the new E-commerce reports are described in Petr’s blog post.

Report subscriptions

The Reporting module now allows subscription to specific reports. Subscribers regularly receive the data of the given report via e-mail at a defined time interval. This helps users easily view relevant reporting data without needing to navigate through the reporting or web analytics interface.
To subscribe to a report, simply click on the subscribe button on the report’s View tab or in the web analytics UI.

You can subscribe to the whole report or individual report components (graphs, tables, values). Components have a context menu with a subscription option (displayed by right-clicking the corresponding item).

Each report subscription requires you to specify an e-mail address and sending interval. You can also add a macro condition that must be fulfilled, so that the report is only sent under special circumstances.

Users can unsubscribe from reports by clicking an unsubscription link (generated directly in the report e-mails) or by managing the list of subscriptions in their user profile.
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Jakub Oczko

Jakub is a Chief Technology Officer at Kentico.