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  • Report showing pages that a role or user is applied to
    Brandon White    —       —    Question

    I'm trying to create a report that would allow someone to select a role and return the pages that have that role applied directly and not inherited. Would also be helpful to do the same by selectin...

  • Creating a simple page view report
    Mike Bilz    —       —    Question

    Hello Kentico Team,I am trying to build a simple report for the total number of page views for all blog posts within a certain blog.My code so far returns all of the page views for all of the pages...

  • Kentico 10 DancingGoat MVC sample project no data in Web Analytics reports
    David Yu    —       —    Question

    There are no data in Web Analytics reports for any MVC sites. Running the Kentico 10 DancingGoat MVC sample in visual studio. Open Kentico admin site, Turn on Enable web analytics of Web Analytics...

  • Social Media Reports
    SHANE EBERT    —       —    Question

    I successfully configured the LinkedIn app in Kentico, and can successfully run a report on Total Follower Count. I can embed this on a page with the Kentico webpart, where it asks for a date range...

  • Sharing Email Reports
    SHANE EBERT    —       —    Question

    Hello, I am trying to share email campaign reports with the rest of my company. Mailchimp offers a link to share a report which I have used in the past. I did not see any reports for emails in the ...

  • Report to show all the users that visted at set page on our site
    Taun Brown    —       —    Question

    What I am trying to make/find is a report that will list all the registered users that visited a set page on our site. I know there is a report that will show how many user visited a page, but I ha...

  • Error executing child request for ChartImg.axd Kentico 9
    Jonathan Mora    —       —    Question

    We have problems in the reporting when we want to create one we receive the a message to search in the Event Viewer, when we found the issue it says this Error executing child request for ChartImg....

  • How to create your own cool custom report module in Kentico
    Jeroen Fürst    —       —    Article

    This post contains steps to create a new Kentico module using a custom UI template and custom UI web part to display a sample report. It will allow you to grant access to single reports by simply configuring roles and permissions. No coding required!

  • How To Create A Custom Report In Kentico
    Laura Frese    —       —    Article

    Kentico’s reporting application is a powerful tool that provides visualization of data on website visits, user registration, document activity, and more. A report can easily be created for any data that can be queried from your Kentico or other external database, including custom table data. The reports can be saved, subscribed to, displayed on your site, and exported as Excel, CSV, or XML. In this post I will describe how to generate custom reports and use the many reporting features.

    When you navigate to the reporting application you will notice that there are many reports already created out of the box. Some of the reports include page views, amount of time spent on a page, browser types used, traffic sources (direct, referring sites, search engines and keywords, crawler visits), 404s, referring URLs, registered users, exit pages, landing pages, social marketing, conversions, orders, products, sales and more!

  • Custom Reporting Table with Boolean Column
    Mark Fasel    —       —    Question

    Hi Everyone,I am new to Kentico and really enjoy developing so far! I have exhausted all search efforts and thought I'd reach out to the community. I am creating a custom report (table to be exact)...