How to display report on public live site

Andy Bochmann asked on March 21, 2020 03:54


I can't find much information about the feature "Allow public users to see this report" in the Reporting application. Is this only a Portal Engine feature that doesn't work with MVC? How can I embed a report in my MVC site?

My goal is to show a report to certain users directly on the live site and I wanted to test out this feature to see if it works for my use case.

Thanks, Andy

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Peter Mogilnitski answered on March 21, 2020 19:47

In the portal engine there a couple web parts to show reports. I think at the end they all based on \CMSModules\Reporting\Controls\DisplayReport control. You can dig inside to see if can get something out and plug this in MVC. I think they still heavily using controls.

There are different report types (table, graph, value) if lets say you want to use table report - it would be easier to get the query from Reporting_ReportTable and run it yourself. There is reporting api but it is for managing reports. but it should not be complicated to render a table. You can start with that.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on March 23, 2020 10:05

Yes, that setting is related to portal engine and displaying reports on web sites using the web parts. In case of MVC - one option would be using the same SQL query and execute it from your MVC code and then display the returned data on your page. Or, as mentioned through the reporting API - but this will add at least one additional step when retrieving thew data.

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Andy Bochmann answered on March 23, 2020 16:52

Thank you both. I think it's easiest for me to just use the same SQL query in my MVC application.

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