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New course: Lead Scoring Fundamentals

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Discover how you can set up a lead scoring program with the new course "Lead Scoring Fundamentals." Learn about prioritizing and segmenting leads based on their readiness to buy, and unlock the potential of your marketing performance and sales alignment. Enroll today for free, for a limited time, and bring your marketing skills to new heights.

New Content modeling guide is here to help

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Every excellent website experience starts with great content. And every successful website project has, at its roots, a team of happy content editors. Editors who're rather battling for their visitors' attention instead of struggling with managing, editing, or updating their content. Now, how can developers help them succeed?

5 steps to create a Responsive text email widget

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Email marketing is one of the best performing marketing channels with returns up to $42 from a single $1 invested. A typical Kentico developer would not open the Email marketing application on a daily basis. That's something for his marketing colleagues.

But what if he could increase their productivity and increase the results of their campaigns? Would that buy him a beer?

Lessons Learned from Developing a Simple Transactional Email

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HTML email has been a Wild West of digital marketing for such a long time that you probably agree with me that designing great emails, well, sucks. Still, we built one for our training website using Kentico EMS. What was that like and would we do it again?"

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