New Content modeling guide is here to help


Every excellent website experience starts with great content. And every successful website project has, at its roots, a team of happy content editors. Editors who're rather battling for their visitors' attention instead of struggling with managing, editing, or updating their content. Now, how can developers help them succeed?


We've published a new section into the Xperience documentation: the Content modeling guide.

Are you new to Kentico Xperience?

See how you can store content in Xperience and present it on the live site. Make sure you read it before your next project.

And if you are a seasoned Xperience developer, you might still find helpful some of the best practices and general recommendations.

What is the new Content modeling guide about?

Historically, we weren’t really specific in prescribing how exactly you should build your websites with Kentico Xperience. Every project is different, and every team has different requirements.

And while we still think the final decision should be on you, we decided to share some tips and recommendations about our view on building Xperience websites in the best way possible.

We wanted to give you information about all the available features and how you can use them through Kentico educational materials. We wanted to provide you with freedom in building the applications and picking the most suitable features and approaches based on your experience. We wanted you to create the applications that fit the project's requirements the best.

You know what they say… "The times they are a-changin"


Wait, what?

I can hear you screaming.

Are YOU going to tell ME how I SHOULD build the applications? Are you going to DICTATE to me what to use and when?

The answer is simple:

Absolutely NOT.

We don't want to prescribe how you should build your projects. That's up to you.

You know your customers. You know the delicate intricacies of every bit and piece of the application that you're creating. You are the one building the application. You're the one who's talking to your customers.

You're making the decisions, not us.

On the other hand, we think that a bit of help on the side cannot harm. And that's why we have put together the Content modeling guide.

The guide collects knowledge from Kentico developers and solutions architects, Kentico partners, and MVPs.

It shows you how we in Kentico think about content. You'll see how you can store the content, build taxonomies, design and display the content on the website, and provide some general content modeling recommendations.

It describes the Xpereince's content-related features and puts them in a larger context of the content lifecycle, editors' experience, or digital marketing. It comes up with recommendations and best practices we've seen used in Xperience projects.

Do you have to follow everything to the letter?
Absolutely not.

Your projects are your responsibility. We just wanted to help.

And if you run into something that you profoundly disagree with, something you'd like us to elaborate on, or you just want to let us know how you feel about the Content modeling guide, don't be shy. Let us know through the feedback form, and we'll look into it.

Happy content modeling!

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