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Hi, I'm the Project Manager at Kentico. My main interests are project management - especially the Agile one and Soft Skills. I’m looking forward to discuss a wide range of topics related to our projects.

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Christmas is coming!

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When you don't have anything to do during the Chrismas holiday, you can read these articles and watch some videos.

Management 3.0

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While I was reading this amazing book, I made some notes. I would be pleased if you let me know if you agree with them, disagree with them or if you have any comments.

Is it easy to find talented developers in your country?

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It seems that universities in Brno are not able to produce enough developers to feed hungry IT companies in Czech “Silicon Valley”. Actually, I was thinking about using “Silicon Dragon“ instead because of the Legend of the Brno Dragon. What do you think are the best sources of talented and motivated people that are open to go the extra mile?

How to measure productivity of the developers?

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I was on my usual way to the office and suddenly realized that there is a WIFI connection in our public transport. I was just thinking about how to measure productivity of the bus drivers, police officers and more importantly developers. Why not google it if they granted us the free WIFI connection. I found this article. Now I'm confused and not sure if to continue reading How to Measure Anything :-)

Project blog

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Are your projects on budget, delivered on time and customers satisfied?

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