Management 3.0

While I was reading this amazing book, I made some notes. I would be pleased if you let me know if you agree with them, disagree with them or if you have any comments.
1. Agile management
Agile management grew out of discontent with the many failures of the deterministic approach to software development, where tight control, upfront design and top-down planning resulted in many intensively managed but disastrously performing software projects.

2. Adaptability vs predictability
Agile management in an Agile organization executing Agile software development projects means focusing on adaptability, not predictability.

3. Customers and teams
The best products are created when customers are directly involved with the teams creating them.

4. Manager’s core activities
The four core activities of the manager are to set expectations, select people, motivate them and develop them.

5. Innovation is the key to survival
In any competitive environment, innovation is the key to survival. It is a matter of life and death for companies around the world.

6. Innovative aproach
For an organization to be innovative, managers and team members must actively take care about knowledge, creativity, motivation, diversity, and personality. Brainstorming sessions, pizza nights, out-of-the-box thinking, mind maps, crazy ideas on whiteboards, and large amount of alcohol (for some people) are helpful but not enough.

7. Real challenges
Real challenges for the human mind should be a little scary.

8. I’ll do anything
You can make me do almost anything and I will enjoy it too, as long as you make me feel that I’m good at it.

9. Performance
It is believed that every business is a system, and the performance of individuals is largely
the result of the way the system operates.

10. Creativity
Creativity is based on intrinsic motivation – the wish to carry out an activity for the sake of the activity itself, and not in the hope of obtaining external rewards.

11. Self organization
Self-organization is the norm. It is the default behavior of dynamic systems, whether these systems consist of atoms, molecules, viruses, species, or software developers.

12. Smart managers
Smart managers understand that they must try to make as few decisions as possible.

13. Micromanagement Trap
If you want to get something done, do it yourself.
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