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Are your projects on budget, delivered on time and customers satisfied?
Hi all!

First, please let me introduce myself. My name is Anthony and I have been working at Kentico for almost four years. I started, similarly as a lot of my colleagues, while I was studying at a university. I know now that it was the best start of my professional career and I can’t imagine a more suitable company than Kentico. Actually, this year we realized that the most valuable people started at Kentico already as students. That was the main reason why we started constantly looking for talented people, no matter if they are young university students. I can honestly say it’s a pleasure to work within a company where the average age is 27 and will be even lower after the “Summer of Code“ program starts.
I worked for approximately two years in the QA department, first as a tester and later as a QA Manager. QA is actually responsible for my everyday’s first thought: “What will I do today better than yesterday?” Testing also made me like mistakes because when you make them, you can avoid major issues in the future. I think that doing a small step forward every day can make you customers happy in long term. Ok, let’s finish this introduction and get to your projects…
  • What are your projects like?
  • What do you think are the best practices in project management?
  • Are your projects on budget, delivered on time and customers satisfied?
  • Are your projects “One man shows” or do you have complete teams including developers, testers and managers?
  • What are the most frequent issues you have to cope with?
  • What about PMP, IPMA, PRINCE2, SCRUM or others?

Frequently asked and crucial questions, don’t you think? Why not share your experience with us? I’m looking forward to know more about you projects…

Stay tuned for my upcoming blog posts about Agile Project Management and applying SCRUM to one of our projects.
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Antonin Moravec

Hi, I'm the Project Manager at Kentico. My main interests are project management - especially the Agile one and Soft Skills. I’m looking forward to discuss a wide range of topics related to our projects.


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Fianlly! This is just what I was looking for.