What happens if you let your developers do what ever they want?

A few months ago, I was googling something and found this video.
A few months ago, I was googling something and found this video. I remember that my first thought was “It must be a joke!”, but after that illusion, I ordered the Daniel Pinks book Drive and read it almost in one breath. For me, there were a lot of unknown ideas that made me impressed. I was asking myself: “Why haven’t they told us such interesting stuff at the university?” The answer suddenly appeared a few days later and was hidden in frames of a video again. Yes, everything is changing so fast.

I liked the idea of the “FedEx Days” and was truly curious if autonomy over the four T’s (task, time, technique and team) would have the same results @Kentico as it had in Atlassian. Yes, it has. We let our development team do whatever they wanted for one whole week. A few developers were a little bit confused at first because they were not used to work like that, but after the week, we had stuff that might otherwise never have emerged. We realized that one week is not enough to accomplish more complex ideas, so we are going to introduce the concept of one “Free day” every week immediately after the 6.0 release. On this day, our development team will be allowed to work on whatever project they want. The only limitations are that there has to be some connection to Kentico CMS and the results have to be presented regularly. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.
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Antonin Moravec

Hi, I'm the Project Manager at Kentico. My main interests are project management - especially the Agile one and Soft Skills. I’m looking forward to discuss a wide range of topics related to our projects.


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Yeah its right developer must be free all who can develop they have a lot code in they mind so the best key is to set developer brain Free.