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Ondrej Vasil Technical Leader at Kentico Software

I'm a Technical Leader of the Web Development team in Kentico Software. I'm going to write articles connected with a real life development using Kentico.

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Best Practices For Working With CSS in Kentico

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article

This article describes best practices of how you can work with CSS in Kentico. It is divided into two sections. The first section describes a simple scenario, in which a front-end developer wants to write raw CSS without using any advanced tools such as CSS preprocessors or file. The second, more advanced scenario is intended for developers that make use of the more advanced tools and need the CSS files to be stored in filesystem so that they can apply their usual workflow when writing CSS in Kentico.

Best Practices for Working with Transformations in Kentico

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article

Working with transformations in Kentico can seem like a rather complex task. It’s reasonable to follow best practices to avoid any issues in the future.

Let’s assume the following main scenario: You, as a developer, want to add a new article list on your web site’s home page. Content editor has already created the Articles, the design and styling were done by another one of your colleagues and now it’s your turn to make the content shine.

In this post, we’ll focus on the best practices related to transformations used in listing web parts.

Kentico 8 Technology – Design System

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Featured Article
You’ve already seen many tweets and posts about the new fancy Kentico 8. Among other features, it brings a new admin experience through the updated user interface, which has been completely redesigned and is light and fresh. From a web development point of view, it was really tough to make it consistent, but at the same time, it was definitely full of web development excitement. Working without a system in place would get us into huge trouble. With this in mind, I'd like to briefly describe what concepts, tools and blocks we used so that you have an overview of "what´s inside".  This will give you a better starting point for your customizations and module development.

Kentico Websites Upgraded to Version 7

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article
Hooray! Kentico’s websites have finally been upgraded to Kentico EMS 7, so that we too can leverage all its great features! We managed to keep website outage down to 45 minutes. The automatic upgrade procedure was really helpful, but of course we had to prepare the upgrade of our custom code in advance. What are we looking forward to using the most? Read on.

Little Big Usability Improvements on DevNet

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article
You have probably noticed a tiny little window popping up all over the DevNet portal recently, asking you to give us a feedback. This research has highlighted a bunch of key things that we should focus on in order to make your development life a little bit easier. There are a couple of things that have been affected in terms of usability of the DevNet portal.

5.5 R2 to 6.0 - CSS backward compatibility

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article
There have been a lot of changes done in controls and web parts and the Dialogs.css stylesheet reference in new version 6.0. Therefore, it may happen that you'll experience issues connected with CSS styles on some parts of our sample sites. In order to overcome this incorrect behavior, we've prepared a special CSS stylesheet which fixes all those issues. To get complete instructions, please read on.

Creating a Mega Menu (step by step)

Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article
In this article you’ll see how to integrate a Mega Menu. There are plenty of solutions for complex looking menus with images, link descriptions etc. all over the internet. They are using Javascript, CSS or combination of those two. In this example, we’ll integrate the following Mega Menu solution which is completely CSS driven (which is great from the Accessibility and a bit the SEO point of view): How to Build a Kick-Butt CSS3 Mega Drop-Down Menu

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