DevNet Improvements vol. 2

I’m back with another set of DevNet features we’ve prepared for your better user experience.

Forums – Stackoverflow style

On forum threads, you are able to vote for particular posts helpfulness. If at least 2 users have voted for a post, the whole post layout turns yellow, making it easier to find. In the new version of DevNet, with its new look and feel, we’ll make it even a bit more Stackoverflowish.

Technically, this feature comes with Kentico CMS out of the box. It can be switched on for a particular forum group as shown in our Dev Guide.


We’ve added RSS links all over DevNet – basically everywhere it makes sense to do so. See the locations below.

1) Forums:

RSS - Forums

2) Blog post authors (allowing you to follow just your favourites):

Kentico Bloggers

3) Knowledge base, FAQs, Videos, Marketplace – each subsection has its own RSS feed:

Kentico Bloggers


Documentation guides description

Each guide has a quick overview description which tells you what the guide is about. Of course, experienced users already know that, but we think new users might find it useful.

Documentation hover

PS: Don’t forget to leave us your feedback or submit your requirement on the Uservoice portal:

Kentico Uservoice

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