5.5 R2 to 6.0 - CSS backward compatibility

There have been a lot of changes done in controls and web parts and the Dialogs.css stylesheet reference in new version 6.0. Therefore, it may happen that you'll experience issues connected with CSS styles on some parts of our sample sites. In order to overcome this incorrect behavior, we've prepared a special CSS stylesheet which fixes all those issues. To get complete instructions, please read on.

Firstly, please download the following CSS stylesheet: Compatibility.css

This CSS stylesheet contains CSS definitions which will solve your design issues on our sample sites or your sites using our dialogs.css.

If you experience those kinds of issues, try one of the following:
  • Copy this stylesheet file to: ~/App_Themes/<your_site_css_stylesheet_code_name>/ folder where the Dialogs.css stylesheet is located. This way it is taken and referenced on pages automatically.
  • Copy the content of this CSS stylesheet and paste it at the bottom of your current site CSS stylesshet or to the Dialogs.css stylesheet (please note, the Dialogs.css file has been renamed to Skin.css and does not contain all styles it had before).

Should you have any doubts, don't hesitate to write to support@kentico.com.

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Applies to: 5.5 R2, 6.0
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