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  • Redesign Site with Bootstrap(Kentico 7)
    Avinash P    —       —    Question

    Hi All, I need to redesign a site that runs of Kentico 7. We want to go full bootstrap. I am not sure kentico 7 will support bootstrap or not? is it possible to redesign the site with

  • Kentico 8 Technology – Design System
    Ondrej Vasil    —       —    Article

    You’ve already seen many tweets and posts about the new fancy Kentico 8. Among other features, it brings a new admin experience through the updated user interface, which has been completely redesigned and is light and fresh. From a web development point of view, it was really tough to make it consistent, but at the same time, it was definitely full of web development excitement. Working without a system in place would get us into huge trouble. With this in mind, I'd like to briefly describe what concepts, tools and blocks we used so that you have an overview of "what´s inside".  This will give you a better starting point for your customizations and module development.

  • Execution of Kentico 8 Redesign
    Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Article

    Kentico 8 has been released after having devoted three months of development time to a major redesign of its user interface. Let’s take a look at how Kentico 7 changed to Kentico 8.

  • Design system and evaluation process of new UI in Kentico 8
    Matej Kvasnovsky    —       —    Article

    We decided not to prepare every screen of the UI in Photoshop. We tried to establish a visual language with sets of common UI components that we refer to as the design system. We also measured its visual appeal with our partners, as will be discussed in the paragraphs below.

  • Graphic principles of new UI in Kentico 8
    Matej Kvasnovsky    —       —    Article

    Our interface is not only based on moodboards, as described last time, but also follows a few aesthetic rules which are prevalent in every building block throughout the entire system.

  • Behind the new look and feel of Kentico 8
    Matej Kvasnovsky    —       —    Article

    With this article I am going to start presenting our reasons behind the new look and feel of the Kentico UI and how we arrived at our final design. Our previous findings, described in previous posts, led us to dive as deeply as possible into the look of the environment and redefine the appearance of almost every component in the system. Because we wanted a modern, clean and uncluttered result, we spent the first three weeks purely in research.

  • Contextual help in Kentico 8
    Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Article

    Improving the learnability of Kentico was one of our top priorities for this release. We had to tackle the issue on several levels. The application had to be more intuitive, users needed an easier way of getting help and the documentation had to be actionably helpful. The new contextual help is our solution.

  • Navigation in Kentico 8
    Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Article

    Easy-to-use Dashboard, super-fast Application List, brand new header and smart tabs not only make navigating around Kentico 8 a much smoother experience, but also increase the screen space available for actual content by 20%.

  • New Application Structure of Kentico 8
    Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Article

    Multiple usability issues in previous versions of Kentico were related to the platform’s over-complex application structure and rather cumbersome navigation. Find out how we changed the information architecture and said farewell to our Site Manager. Early UI prototypes included.

  • Introduction to Kentico 8 Redesign
    Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Article

    Kentico underwent a major redesign of its user interface. This blog post is the first in a series explaining why we decided to devote three months of development time solely to user experience improvements, how we designed the new version and our results.