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Tadeáš Kubát Kentico

User Experience Designer at Kentico. Doing research, prototyping and usability testing, but mainly responsible for the design vision.

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Live Tiles and Dashboard Customization

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Kentico 8 introduced the Application Dashboard, creating a single space where users can find their most important applications. Kentico 8.1 builds on that by allowing each user to fully customize their Dashboard, and even displaying interesting data on some tiles.

Contextual help in Kentico 8

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Improving the learnability of Kentico was one of our top priorities for this release. We had to tackle the issue on several levels. The application had to be more intuitive, users needed an easier way of getting help and the documentation had to be actionably helpful. The new contextual help is our solution.

Navigation in Kentico 8

Tadeáš Kubát    —       —    Featured Article
Easy-to-use Dashboard, super-fast Application List, brand new header and smart tabs not only make navigating around Kentico 8 a much smoother experience, but also increase the screen space available for actual content by 20%.

New Application Structure of Kentico 8

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Multiple usability issues in previous versions of Kentico were related to the platform’s over-complex application structure and rather cumbersome navigation. Find out how we changed the information architecture and said farewell to our Site Manager. Early UI prototypes included.

Introduction to Kentico 8 Redesign

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Kentico underwent a major redesign of its user interface. This blog post is the first in a series explaining why we decided to devote three months of development time solely to user experience improvements, how we designed the new version and our results.

Try out the preview of Kentico v8 now

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Update: There is new, final preview of Kentico 8. Try it here

Do you want to see how the Kentico v8 is shaping up? We have just reached the second milestone in the big UI redesign that should make the version 8 easier to learn, use and navigate through. And of course, it should also look better: cleaner and modern.

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