Try out the preview of Kentico v8 now

Update: There is new, final preview of Kentico 8. Try it here

Do you want to see how the Kentico v8 is shaping up? We have just reached the second milestone in the big UI redesign that should make the version 8 easier to learn, use and navigate through. And of course, it should also look better: cleaner and modern.

Demonstration video

Key features

  • Former CMS Desk and Site Manager are now a single application called Administration
  • All user roles, except Global Administrator, now have an Application Dashboard to easily access applications that are most important to them
  • New information architecture: applications have been reorganized into categories and some have been renamed
  • New system for contextual help, which always shows information relevant to where the user is
  • Updated visuals; while still far from final, the graphics are much cleaner

How to test this version?

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Tadeáš Kubát

User Experience Designer at Kentico. Doing research, prototyping and usability testing, but mainly responsible for the design vision.


Tadeas commented on

I am sorry for the late answers, hopefully they will help.

1) Kentico 8 is not yet entirely HTML5 ready. Some of the webparts can be modified to generate HTML5, but not all of them. We definitely want to be fully HTML5 ready, so this will change - but I do not have a specific date for it yet.

2) It is possible to create website on Bootstrap, but it might need some fine tunning because some of our webparts use our modification of Bootstrap

3) The file manager was not changed in version 8

4) It was not planned, but I am adding it to our UX improvements backlog.

Tadeas commented on

@Derry: Thank you very much for the feedback! We changed the looks a bit into the final version, which you can find here:

And by the way, the final name for ne Content is Pages :-)

Derry commented on

So far, I'm impressed by what's shown here of v8.

Seems like the gap between v7 and v8 is major in terms of UX, but minor in terms of functionality - a good thing, and something that was definitely needed. V7's UX looked quite dated & busy, in my opinion. This seems much cleaner.

You may be planning this already but here's a UX suggestion: make the content tree look like the initial 'blue box' visual style. The font is much clearer, larger, and it generally looks more attractive.

Regarding the name change to 'Documents & Pages', I don't necessarily see anything wrong with the old name: 'Content'. If there <em>must</em> be a change, then I would go for something snappier than 'Documents & Pages'. Perhaps simply 'Pages'?

Interested to hear other users thoughts on this.

Anthony Baratta commented on

1 - Is v8 HTML 5 ready on the public interface? This would include all the core webparts/modules and their HTML output.

2 - Has Kentico thought about supporting the Bootstrap CSS framework natively?

3 - File Manager :: Will the v8 version of the File Manger support nested folders out of the box?

4 - Currently with modules like the Event Calendar, the data form appears / disappears directly above the display content (pushing that content below the visible screen). Will v8 change this behaviour? Has Kentico considered an inline modal popup for these types of forms instead?

Steven McCurrach commented on

I don't know about anyone else, but I found the video picture lagging behind the audio really badly in that video.

Excited to test my copy of v8 though. :D

Tadeas Kubat commented on

@Yehuda: The release of version 8 is scheduled to end of March.

Yehuda commented on

When is the expected release date?
I'm starting a big project using Kentico right now, but would love to have this.
If it's not too far away, we'll wait.

Tadeas Kubat commented on

@Brenden: It is necessary to upgrade to v7 first and then to v8. Upgrade to v8 will be available shortly after release.

Tadeas Kubat commented on

@Troy: We are upgrading the CK Editor right now and it's version is 4.3.1

Troy Fulton commented on

Will you be using the very latest version of CK Editor in Kentico 8? if not what version will be used? I'm hoping for version 4.3 or later.

Brenden Kehren commented on

Nicely done! Excited to get my feet wet! Do you have an upgrade path for v6 and v7?