Final preview of Kentico 8


All development has ended and all new features are done. Do you want to try out the best version of Kentico yet?

Introduction video



Key features

All the new features will be listed and fully described with the product launch, but let’s name a few:





  • Updated visuals. Kentico now looks like the sophisticated modern system it is
  • New architecture. The CMS Desk and Site Manager have been merged into a single administration environment
  • New navigation. The Application Dashboard and Application List are designed to make the system easier to learn and navigate through
  • New system contextual help. This always shows information relevant to where the user is
  • Form Builder. The easy-to-use editor for creating forms
  • Persona-based recommendations. These allow you to create marketing personas and use them in content personalization
  • New features web developers. Including web part and widget improvements, CSS preprocessors, etc.

And much, much more…





Update: The final Kentico 8 is now available

Check out the nice microsite we have for it:

If you would want to try the Kentico 8 by yourselves, you can request demo or hosted trial on the microsite.
To download 14 day trial version, go here.



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Tadeáš Kubát

User Experience Designer at Kentico. Doing research, prototyping and usability testing, but mainly responsible for the design vision.


Tadeas commented on

@JOSH.TAYLOR04: Hi, I am sorry for the problems - could you please contact our support department as well?
They will surely help you. The email is

josh.taylor04 commented on

I have the same issue as Vikash...

The MacroResolverCompatibility, CMSSessionEvents, CMSApplicationEvents, and CMSRequestEvents classes cannot be resolved in the Compatibility55.cs file.

Tadeas commented on

@Vikash: Hello, could you please send this over to the

Our support engineers will be happy to help you.

Thank you for using Kentico.

Vikash commented on

Hi sir,

Please help:
I have upgrade version 7 to version 8.
But some method and event is not find.

MacroResolver.OnResolveCustomMacro += MacroResolverCompatibility.ResolveCustomMacro;

These are not found.
How can i resolve this.


Tadeas commented on

@SPARKER-PMC: We are glad to hear you like the new version. Thank you for the feedback - you are right, all those issues are already known and fixed in the final release.

Tadeas commented on

@MATT NIELD: It appears to be a bug in this preview build. It should be possible to add any properties in the release version.

sparker-pmc commented on


We are really liking the new version. A lot of great work! Here are three issues that we found, you likely already know about them.

Document Types - Scopes - Not able to add scope to a specific site (always goes into the global)

Modules - Users - No Classes listed - would like to add field to public profile

Web Part - Add new Category drop down is showing up behind the box below it (this happens in a couple areas for firefox and chrome)

Matt Nield commented on

Following on form the comments about editing sytem tables between Paul and Tadeas backin late Feb; this does not seem to work (in MMP3) for the Users module. How do we go about adding properties to users that do not come out of the box?

Tadeas commented on

@DAVEY_LAD: Actually, the release version of Kentico 8 will have a "web site" as a defatult project type.
This preview version has all the features included, but was not yet completely tested - and the "web application" as a default project is one of bugs that are going to be fixed in final release.

Petr Vozak (Kentico) commented on

@Roger Samuel: In general Kentico 8 will come with many improvements in discounting system. As for product discounts:
- discounted product scope is defined by rules (e.g. discount for all Nokia products with "Sale" status except Nokia XYZ)
- discount is for All users / Registered users / Selected roles
- discount has validity (From - To)
- discount is relative (%) or fixed
- easy to promote discounted products (Original price, Discounted price and “You save” amount displayed for each discounted product)

I will write more details about E-commerce improvements for Kentico 8 in the second half of March. Stay tuned!

Roger Samuel commented on

Can you provide any insight as to what updates we will see with respect to applying discounts to products

@davey_lad commented on

I notice that the default project type in the installer is now "Web Application" as opposed to web site. From this can we assume that this is now the recommended type?

Obviously this is preferred froma development point of view but previous experience with the Web App type has been horrendous to be fair.. how does V8 compare to previous versions - do the same problems/caveats still exist?

Tadeas commented on

Hi Paul. The System Tables are still with us. You can find them in Modules / (select a module) / Classes tab.

Paul commented on

It's looking great : ) - One question though, I can't seem to find the System Tables option where you had the ability to alter the user table say to add fields or an alternative form. Has that feature gone in V8?