Trevor Fayas Senior Software Engineer - Kentico Xperience MVP

Trevor Fayas Senior Software Engineer - Kentico Xperience MVP at Kentico Software

Fast, Efficient, and coded well, Kentico has been my platform of choice for years. I am a Software Engineer with Heartland Business Systems, with dozens of Kentico sites under my belt, both small quick sites, ecommerce sites, School / College Sites, and global corporate sites. I've also crafted many Webparts and Form Tools in the Marketplace. Ask me anything!

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Enabling Feature Folders in Xperience 13 MVC.Net Core

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Many developers love MVC, but hate having all the peices of their code scattered throughout their solution.  Feature Folders allow you to store your Models, Views, and Controllers (or ViewComponents) in a single folder, keeping your structure organized and neat.  This article provides the code to take full control over your structure in general, and View Paths in specific.

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