Marek Fesar Principal Technical Leader

Marek Fesar Principal Technical Leader at Kentico Software

Hi, I am the Principal Technical Leader here at Kentico and I primarily focus on the design, architecture and core of our solution.

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Speeding Up Your First Request in Kentico by 50%

Marek Fesar    —       —    Featured Article

ASP.NET applications take their time when it comes to runtime compilation. And Kentico is no exception, as it is based on ASP.NET. Those who have been developing moderate-size or large applications know the story – after an application is compiled using msbuild in Visual Studio and the first page is requested, runtime compilation occurs. And the waiting comes. You have to wait for each page’s first load.

Kentico 8.1 Technology – Using SharePoint API

Marek Fesar    —       —    Article
Kentico 8.1 features a brand new implementation of SharePoint integration. The main purpose was to make the developers’ lives easier and to provide you with the ability to retrieve data from a SharePoint server without the hassle. In this article, we will focus on how to use the API for the purposes of customization, specifically when the supplied SharePoint data source web part is not enough.

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